Found this fifty page presentation interesting.  Included are samples of royalty statements from six oil and gas companies operating in the Marcellus and Utica.

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Great presentation! 

Thank you for sharing!!

Thanks for posting this. There weren't many people who showed up during the presentation and only a couple questions, so I wasn't sure if anyone was interested in this stuff. Good to know someone noticed. Thanks

Great article....even PSU has some unknowns about how all the deductions are calculated.  It appears too, that the actual deduction amount is left up to the E&P to determine, which is quite subjective.

I've been to multiple Penn State Extension presentations on a variety of subjects and they are always well worth it. I encourage anyone to go to them and learn as much as you can.

Missed this one, would love to go if they have another.  Anything scheduled Dan?

This link will get you to the audio portion of the presentation. The shortcoming of this presentation is that it is not producer specific (out of necessity - all done in 45 minutes)


Would it be possible for you to post on this forum when you are going to do other webinars on oil and gas topics?    I think a number of people using this site would like to listen in real time.   Your work has great info for people in WV and OH as well as PA.   Thanks.


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