I saw this article in local paper, great news for local economy I hope

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After the construction activity tapers off (16 month long project, it is said), truck drivers will be in huge demand.

The overall achievement of commercializing LNG far from tidewater (aka seaborne  shipping) is something I find quite amazing.

To invest nearly $1 billion to construct a mid-sized liquefaction plant in the middle of the woods - no sleight intended - is testament to the incredible innovations taking place in LNG production, handling and transportation processes.

In addition, should any further reassurance be needed, the century's worth of supply of natgas is again validated with these type of investments.

Biggest obstacles for you Alpalachian Basin folks is in the political/government realm.

There are VAST numbers of competing companies, industries, countries, ideologies  attempting to stifle Marcellus/Utica development.

Up to you all to fight for your families'  welfare.

Thankyou for your reply . I would be amazed if this project materializes , I hope it is supported by the public and environmental groups , it would be a blessing if this company brought their business here.


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