Does anyone know what Range is offering and agreeing to for re-newing a lease?  I know of one that is due to expire, and the landowners are wanting to have an idea of recent activity. Thanxs & Happy Thanksgiving!

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Donegal Township, Rt 231 , North of Claysville, near gamelands.

It used to be $500/acre. That was almost a year ago though.

Last  year, Range came through Robinson Twp. Washington County and re-signed a lot of leases that had been orphaned when they initially expired (left them orphaned about 2 years).  They offered one-year leases with one-year renewal option ranging from $500 to $650 per acre.

Thanxs for the info Donna. Have a Blessed Holidays

You're very welcome and same to you!  I should have also said that we know of a neighbor who received a similar offer as recently as June of this year.


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