Has any property owners whose leases have run out or about to run out had any problems with Range Resources?  We are in a group who hired a very qualified broker who has written our lease with Range.  This lease ran out several days ago.  We heard nothing from Range for 4 years and 10 months.  Our lease states several times that Range must drop a bit to the ground to hold us by production.  Now, just days before leases ran out Range has moved in on properties and some without permits, they have not drilled, prepared a pad, cut brush or built a road and they will not leave the property.  We have another energy company we wish to lease with and we are ready to sign.  Our broker has been communicating with Range in Texas and getting nowhere.  They have stated that they will move a rig in by helicopter if need be.  I just want to put the word out to be aware.  They have already told one landowner to contact legal council.  I even have a copy of a letter to another party from Range, for this party contacted Range asking them for a lease.  Range commented just several months ago that they had and did not intend on any activity in our area.  We are having an attorney submit to Range requesting a letter of surrender.  If this does not happen we will sign a new lease and there will probabally be a gas war between two gas companies.  You may read this in the paper is this goes this far.  Anyone having problems I wish for you to respond.

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To all who have been interested in the outcome of Range Resources and you better be sitting down.  Range moved in on one of 4 properties held by production after our group lease ran out.  The property owner whom they moved in on was told by a Range official in Texas that he should get a good lawyer for he was going to be sued for 6 million dollars.  The property owner does not have that kind of funds and is elderly so he folded.  He did though block the entrance road and gave them a copy of our lease.  Needless to say he got a nasty phone call from Range.  He folded and let them proceed.  Range continued working.  Put in a road, pad and drilled, I am not sure even if they just spudded or started drilling deep.  But the fact of the matter is they were on property against the contract.  We were with in 12 hours of signing a new lease with another energy company, we were upfront with this company on telling them the situation our group was in for this company wanted all the properties in our group/neighborhood due to the fact that the 4 properties that were HBP were right in the middle of the groups location.  The company backed out of the signing of a great lease.  One of the four property owners hired an attorney and started proceeding in filing a law suit against Range.  In a matter of weeks with the help of this website, we had come to findout that there were several lawsuits in Pa. against Range for the same exact reason.  Within a few weeks this property owner who started proceedings received a letter as well as the other 3 property owners including the one where Range was actively drilling stating that they were surrendering their leases back to the property owners. Range packed up and moved out of our neighborhood. At present time we have all signed a new lease with another energy company.our broker did a great job writing us a lease that protects our land and us.  We signed with Exco and they have been very cooperative and responsive to our questions.  I thank each and everyone of you for your support, input and knowledge and hope futuristically I can return the favor to you.

Thank you so much for the update !  It is a shame you have to lawyer up to protect your self from these bullies.

Are you saying that they put in a road, well pad, and started drilling and then removed all equipment and surrendered the lease??  If so, you've got one helluva attorney there!

thats right, they moved out lock stock and barrel and it never went to court.  We heard that there were 7 law suits pending against them and maybe they were afraid of a class action law suit but who knows.  all I know is they are out of here.

That is amazing. Congrats to you, your neighbors and your attorney(s)  Good to see that people can win when they stick together.

Thanks, Karen, for letting us know about the happy ending!

Gas was selling for $4.25 on June 24, 2011 when this thread started.  Have prices fallen to low for it to be profitable to drill in dry gas areas?


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