Just curious. Has anyone not in a unit been approached yet to re-lease their land? Or does anyone know if all this hoop-la is just going to end up as a one-shot deal for those who leased a few years ago and were not included in a unit?Thanks!

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Most landowners in the Utica still have 2 or more years left on their leases.

in western beaver county chk is letting tons of leases expire!

Many leases about to expire in northern Washington County, PA. With Range's recent utica test well results and new players exploring Range and Chessie's expiring/flipped leases, respectively, in Beaver and Hancock County it may get interesting.

My farm is in Hookstown, PA.  Greene Township, Beaver County.  I still have 1 1/2 years left with CHK. My understanding is Range is buying out all CHK. leases south of the Ohio River. ( I sure hope so )   My neighbor was approached by Range to sign for $ 2,500.00 per acre at 17 %.  

Good question. I have property on the wetzel tyler county line in wv. Our lease expires in january. I hope someone will sign us. I think we are in a good area so I hope it ain't a problem.

If Chesapeake is letting" tons of leases expire in Beaver county", then I would speculate that they can't find a buyer at the price they are asking. A prespective buyer is gambling that a new lease with the landowner will be cheaper then buying it from Chesapeake.

Not only cheaper but better terms.

I was under the impression that the Southwestern purchase of CHK's leased acreage in PA and WV included Hancock county leases..does anyone know if that is true?

Gary, I am pretty sure I saw a map that SWN  is in the process of leasing all of Hancock, also some in Tyler County, Great news for these folks !  

Southwestern (SWN) has acquired a large number of Chesapeake leases in the areas in question already.


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