While glancing thru some well permits I ran across one that seems different. This well has been drilled and the Well Completion Records has been submitted.Then the company requests from ODNR  confidentiality for 1 year on all well logs,because if released prematurely it could jeopardize future operations. Has anyone ever seen  this before.Do you think they have discovered something they do not want anyone to know ?? Thanks

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I've seen confidentiality on well logs in many projects, specifically for the reason you stated- to protect a competitive position. Early in my career I was loosely associated with a deeper conventional oil play in SW Kansas. We knew that the operator had a big well simply by the number of crude oil transports that entered/exited the lease on a daily basis. We tried a variety of data trade offers (seismic data, drilling records, etc.) with the operator without success until the log hold period was up. Once we got copies the logs, we drilled a nice, naturally flowing well in an offset lease. Some of the prettiest green oil I ever saw

This is also sometimes done in wildcat drilling to slow down  the competition by not revealing what you found: "tombstone".



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