Anybody happen to notice that when Rex Energy dipped to it's new low of $1.85, that buyers quickly jumped in to drive it up to $2.11 ??  And now, only a few days later it's at $3.35 !!!  Yes, I am an owner of the stock)))

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howObservers are also concerned about Halcon Resources (HK) and SandRidge Energy (SD) , which have done distressed debt exchanges recently, as well as Magnum Hunter Resources (MHR) , Goodrich Petroleum (GDP) , Resolute Energy (REN) and Rex Energy (REXX many oil companies will file bankruptcy


Now the Peanut Gallery finds some article on bankrupt oil stocks which mentions some unnamed generic "OBSERVERS" expressing concern about Rex Energy. Doesn't it occur to the casual "observer" that only 2 weeks ago the $350 million borrowing facility for Rex Energy was just reaffirmed by its banking group ?  Maybe the reporter writing such an article should have done some fact checking before bandying names about.  

Permalink Reply by Charles Randolph on August 16, 2015 at 2:48pm

Sorry to disappoint you, Murph )))  I've been watching this company for years. It didn't stay below $2 for very long, so I couldn't get it there, but I have some I bought at $2.24 and other a little above $3.

remember Charles is smarter then the experts and he is making big money on his brilliant investing

Data Table
  • O: 2.20
  • H: 2.20


  • Last$2.18
  • 0.01 (0.46%)


They lost $155,200,000 last quarter. $350,000,000 isn't going last them very long at that rate.

Careful Jon you will  be a chicken churper in the peanut gallery because  CHUCKIE knows everything and he going to get rich off his expert investing

just look how good his investment in REX is doing since a month ago

I guess time will tell......a long time that is

Murph, How do you know I'm not already rich )) Nobody knows EVERYTHING, especially not you. Why do you assume that anyone's investment in Rexx was only made a month ago (and at what price). Also when profits were already made on defensive puts.  Your factoring only includes part of the equation and as you say, "Time will tell" ))) That's the beauty of it...and somebody who only sits on the sidelines will never experience the wonder of long term holds for profits, since they are never invested to begin with...but are only sideline chicken chirpers.....

if you were rich you would not be buying a loser like REX and I quoted what you said a month ago how you made such good investments in Rex Stock at 2.24 and alittle over 3bucks on AUGUST its below the cheapest price you bought at ....and I don't see any turn around for many years down the

road .....your the guy that came on here bragging about your great investments in REX ......if you were so rich you would not have to be bragging about such a dumb investment ........people that brag about money usually don't have any

just like people that brag about sex usually aint getting any

also you know nothing about my wealth and  my investments and actually my business is none of ur business

Funny that Lance Shaner recently put over $800,000 into Rex Energy common stock )))  The only losers on Rex Energy are those who bought it at $15 or $20.  Maybe you naysayers are some of those ))  YOU "don't see any turn around for MANY YEARS down the road"  ???  I don't recall anyone asking you for your prognostication on this stock, Murph.

I have come to my senses and do not own or plan to own any stocks, now or in the future.

What you 'own' is a piece of paper with a valuation subjective to the slightest rumours, even regarding companies that are not the one you own..which can affect its valuation significantly.

I say, 'stocks are stupid, real estate is real', of course, you have to know your $hit there too in order not to lose your @$$.

example: stock subject to news, lose value for almost no reason in this case, except comment by criminal b*tch here:

I love to see the average investor hating stocks )))

Charles can't loose, he has mastered the art of options trading, doesn't matter which way the stock moves he makes money....but it does have to move. not much room for movement. 

Do you hear that low, faraway wind, a serious sucking sound, like a tornado?

That is the sound of the soon to be Fed failed policy Burst stock Bubble 'Correction'.

wreaking havoc on the Stock Market .

Next up: maybe a huge bank bailout? ...again!?? Too Big to fail..over and over...


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