Anybody happen to notice that when Rex Energy dipped to it's new low of $1.85, that buyers quickly jumped in to drive it up to $2.11 ??  And now, only a few days later it's at $3.35 !!!  Yes, I am an owner of the stock)))

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watch out Shon you become a member of the chicken chearping peanut gallery

'Fools rush in, where Hells Angels fear to tread'

or something like that

Rex Energy Corporation Real Time Stock Quotes

*Real-Time - data as of 9/28/2015 - 

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Rex up to $2.87 so far today.
Closed at $3.12

I've been away from this forum attending to other business for a bit,  Let me describe what's happened in the meantime.  When I hear Murphy start proclaiming quite loudly about what a loser that Rex Energy is, I call that an Alert for a potential Buy Signal.  Thus, when REXX neared $2.00 I tried to add to my position.  I wasn't quite nimble enough to pick it off at $2.00, but I did accumulate more at $2.06.  Next my strategy was that the next time I saw REXX move strongly above $3.00, I would sell covered calls at a profitable strike price to bring additional funds into my portfolio.  As that scenario developed, I sold calls on only a portion of my position, giving someone the right to buy REXX away from me at $3.50 for a limited period of time.  Next, I saw an opportunity to entice someone to also pay me for the right to buy another portion of my REXX shares away from me for $4.00 per share (again at a nice profit if they choose to exercise that right).  My hope is that REXX will linger for a few more weeks at current levels until those rights expire. Then I will have pocketed all of the money paid to me and have no further obligation to deliver my holdings.  If the same scenario then presents itself again (while we all wait for NE gas prices to rise), then I plan to execute that same strategy again.  Suffice it to say, I have never lost money on any REXX stock or option trade I have taken, whether it be with Puts, Calls or the Long Stock Holdings.  People who do not understand what I have just outlined should probably not ever be in the stock market to begin with.  Or they should spend both time and money on educating themselves before considering themselves "investors" or players or advisers in these markets.  Otherwise, I believe you are only acting as uninformed gamblers and those are the folks who are setting themselves up to lose against those who are better informed or more experienced.  Typically such poorly informned gamblers are the people who whine on for years about how unfair the markets are and how the individual gets ripped off, since all the odds are against them. I beg to differ

REX ENERGY  closed at 1,89 low can it go


Rex Energy Corporation Real Time Stock Quotes

*   GETTING CHEAPER by the day  

To initiated stock gerniuses,

that might be a sign to BUY MORE!!!

You get twice as much nothingness for the money now!

Rex Energy Corporation Interactive Stock Chart


CHUCK better take out a second mortgage and buy you some more of this great stock


Rex Energy Corporation Real Time Stock Quotes

*Real-Time - data as of 12/1/2015 10:12:38 AM -  Find


How low can it go? 1.23, keep watching.


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