Has anyone paid a visit to the Rice Canonsburg Office?  Rice has had my royalty account messed up since December.  I did not receive a January or February check.  Who knows if I will get a March check. I have called the Community line numerous times and been told I will get a call back (never do) and been given bad information on simple issues from the customer service rep.  I leave messages daily (since no one is answering and it goes straight to voice mail) and have yet to receive a call back.  I am contemplating driving up there from Belmont County so someone has to talk to me. Has anyone done this or have advice on how to get a response?  I had been fairly happy with Rice and the field staff I had met; and I have tried to be patient and professional with the Community Relations line but my patience is wearing thin with the poor communication and length of time this issue has been going on.       

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After working in administration for years, I can appreciate the administrative pressures and deadlines however, being on THIS side of it creates a different mindset. LOL  I agree with you 100%. Though we will NEVER find an ideal company, I've found that Rice is most definitely one of the best to work with.

I live in Washington County, PA, Amwell Township.  I received a check this past week from Rice for November.  I had not received anything in Oct. Nov. Dec and a small check in January.  I contacted them and was told there were additional wells being drilled on the pad so production on the exiting well would be choked off until the new well was ready to produce.  In November I was told it would be in early 2016 when i would start receiving checks and so far that has been true.  Anytime I had an issue I went to their website and you can send them an email/message and I have always gotten a response within a few days.


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