Started negotiating with Rice in January on a gas lease. Received  bounus check today as stated in the lease agreement. Rice was a fair company to deal with compared to others  leasing in our area. Can't share lease information because of confidentiality clause but if you have other question I would be glad to answer them.

To protect yourself before you sign a lease I recommend you first learn about the whole gas leasing process and, A MUST,  have an experience gas attorney on your side.

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I have an appointment with a Rice landman tomorrow evening. Any suggestions?

Congratulations......Rice is a good company.

Don't forget to send Uncle Sam his portion! LOL! Oh and Obama care and state taxes and 150.00 to the state for commercial selling of your minerals!

Did you sell your minerals or lease them?

NO!! I would only do a lease.

Our minerals are leased .....not interested in selling. 

Thanks, Good advice.

E., Terrance,
Where is your property located?

We are located in the Village of Hackett. Southeast corner of Peters Township.

Adam Jablonski was my Rice Landman. He was really great to work with during the whole leasing process. He answered my question truefully and if he didn't have the answer he would find out for you.

It's a good starting point. Remember its a long process to get the lease you want.

I do have a question, in the confidentiality clause. What general info are you not allowed to talk about. I obviously do not want specifics. I just want to know what the clause says. Thanks

Anything wirtten into the lease can only be shared with professional services like accounts, financial planners, etc.

Thanks everyone for your responses. I currently have both Rice Energy and  Antero interested in leasing my acreage located near California, PA. in east central Washington County. These talks are only for a lease agreement and I would appreciate any input or suggestions that the forum members may have.


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