I was driving with a friend on route 221 through Greene County on Sunday to go bicycling on the Greene River trail near Rices Landing, and we found ourselves behind a brine water / residual waste truck -- presumably full of frack waste -- between Dunn Station and Ruff Creek.

Three problems:

1. The truck had no license plate!  The side of the truck said Curry Supply.

2. The truck often took up most of the road, creating a hazard for oncoming traffic.

3. There was severe road damage on route 221, perhaps from these wide, heavy frack trucks.  When I biked this road about two years ago, the edges of this road were not crumbling like this.  Damaged roads can cause a) crashes for bicyclists or motorcyclists, b) damage to car tires and suspensions, and c) additional safety problems as cars & trucks swerve to avoid holes in the road.

See photos:


I'd like to visit Greene County again to go bicycling on its (formerly) nice roads but these safety issues make me think twice.  The gas industry should pay for their share of this road damage, since this appears to be so far beyond normal road wear.




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Yes...they smoke cigs and drive diesel powered vehicles. I left a similiar meeting in Murrysville...same thing...everyone smoking in the lot...then jumping into their diesel powered cars and trucks. Then home, to cook their food, dry their clothes and heat their homes (wintertime) with natural gas. You just have to laugh...too funny!!!

Nice post Karen....kudos to you.



A man who lives hereby (moved here about 10 years ago) walked up to me one night at the bar and said "I'm going to sue you and all of my neighbors if you guys pollute my well". I bit my tongue and asked "how many acres do you have?" He said two but his neighbor had told him he does not own the mineral rights. I replied "What does your deed say" he said "I haven't looked at it in a while, I have to see if I can find it".  So the next time I saw him he said "I have something for you to look at". He went to his truck and brought back his deed. On the deed it clearly stated that the coal was reserved by the previous owner. I told him I thought he owned the oil and gas rights as far as I knew and that was good at least he had control of his property. Then (well you guessed it) he asked if they where still leasing in our area......
Good point. Jealousy is a powerful and destructive motivator in some people.
 I actually think that they have to pay to fix it, like its a given but there is not point(if you will) until they are through tearing it up haha..but you know what I mean...why fix what you are going to rebreak because you have to and then rebreak it agian, just finish and then fix is the motto I think :)

Here's an article from today's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Shale Gas Drillers Spend $411 MILLION DOLLARS Repairing Local Roads" http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/breaking/s_7431...



So how much are the bicycle organizations putting toward road repair?
I think the main thing to remember is that when big companies are able to earn big profits, they tend to be more willing to spend them generously.


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