Does anyone know anything about the Rose Run sandstone? I know there has been talks about the Trenton Black River BUT what about the Rose Run sandstone formation that is just under the Trenton Black River.

I would like to know if anyone has been permitted of drill in this formation? any new or old information on this formation.

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I have a Rose Run well on my property in Marlborro twp, drilled in 2001. The wells in my area were all vertical wells. Have be told that some are trying to horizontal drill the Clinton which is above the Utica. From what I've been told they've had success with it

How good is the vertical well in Marlborro twp? The Clinton is out of my play. 

Did well the first few years but now is production less then  a tenth of what it did the first year. Nearly all royalties are from the gas , very  little oil

Another formation was just wondering about is the Copper Ridge dolomite/Conasauga Group also?

James the top and bottom depths are lot less in Licking County! 4,000 to 4,150 and that's a big difference from Noble county? And yes that is a good well.

Im your  man Rick. I love to talk other future targets. Interesting that this well will log the Conasauga in Morgan Twsp.

They will abandon this well purpose stratigraphic! test well Rate hole!

They will look at the findings and drill a horizontal if the findings are favorable. Energy Corp of America is a "player" and well funded.

How about the Beekman group? Do  they drill this formation? and what kinda results did they get.

Beekmantown is most likely the Roserun. 


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