Does anyone know anything about the Rose Run sandstone? I know there has been talks about the Trenton Black River BUT what about the Rose Run sandstone formation that is just under the Trenton Black River.

I would like to know if anyone has been permitted of drill in this formation? any new or old information on this formation.

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Some of these formations are a total crapshoot.  Without 3D seismic--and remember, most wells have been drilled without it--you're hoping to hit the RR or Knox and if you miss it you have some shallower bailout zones.  

Is this trend of drilling Knox Formation wells the start of a new Roserun/Trempeleau Boom? I liked Dexters analogy a few months ago that these wells can have better economics than Utica wells per acre. MFC is drilling Trempeleau wells up in Ashland County on 3D. Beck has 2 permitted in northern Fairfield. Artex is drilling a bunch in Morgan, Muskingum, Perry and Knox(that's what they do). Enervest has permitted one in Morrow and JVing with PEP & Knox Energy in Licking. David Hill inc also hasn't drilled anything but Trempealeau/RR in Licking in the past 3plus years. The mid 90's boom was obviously bigger, but I would guess a rig is hard to come by right now.

These wells are economical even at $80 oil, so I'm frankly surprised it's taken this long for the trend to shift in that direction.  

OK, who is PEP?

Bluejack, PEP. Name doesn't ring a bell. Mt. Vernon, Illinios

Plenty of Rose Run wells in Ohio ...vertical wells.

The Rose Run brought PDC to Ohio back in 2010. 

PDC Energy eyes Ohio exploration play


By OGJ editors 
HOUSTON, July 16
 -- PDC Energy, Denver, formerly Petroleum Development Corp., will explore for gas and oil in Late Cambrian Rose Run sand and Early Ordovician Beekmantown carbonate remnants encased in shale in central Ohio. 

The first two wells are to spud in August, with PDC Energy having 75% working interest and an undisclosed but experienced partner 25%. The pay zones are at 3,500-4,500 ft. 

The partner, which has been involved in the play since the 1990s, provided 40,000 acres of the pair’s current 50,000-acre holding, mainly in Fairfield, Hocking, western Perry, and southern Licking counties (see map, OGJ, Jan. 23, 1995, p. 61). 

The seismic-dependent play has produced 375 bcf of natural gas equivalent, most of it since 1993, and the US Geological Survey estimated that 750 bcfe is undiscovered and recoverable, PDC Energy said. Recovery is expected to be 60-70% gas and 30-40% oil. 

PDC Energy expects to drill six proof-of-concept wells in this year’s second half and finalize a leasing program of as many as 50,000 more acres. The partners own 75 line-miles of seismic data and will firm up plans in the rest of 2010 for their first 3D seismic survey.

Lot's good information we got here and I thank everyone for their time! I hope that we can keep getting more  information and some people that actually a part of leasing program and get some updated information throughout the rest of the year.


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