Some true,some hearsay...Aubrey is looking for a site to build his regional office with a Cambridge address.  Aep Utica is looking to drill a well behind the General store in Old Washington,early feb.   .AEP is drilling now in Harrison co. Rice will be moving their big rig from Belmont co. to daddy Shugerts well in Old Washington,soon. Bluegrass Pipeline coming thru the county this year. Compressor  station for Antero's well below Senecaville is ready to fire up any day.  Gulfport is sending rigs to Guernsey soon. EQT is wanting to drill 21 new wells in Guernsey this year. Carrizo has 2 pads built,ready to roll. Cheasapeake,all of a  sudden,likes Guernsey,better than Carroll. The company wanting to build an apartment complex at the I-77/Rt.22 site has agreed to help finance a sewer plant needed at that site& Coventry Estates. Motel to be built across from Pilot on the hill almost ready to roll. Some landowners near Quaker City are getting offers of $13,400. per acre to sell their Mineral rights.  Any other tidbits are welcome. You hear things from credible sources that may not even be true,but you be the judge.

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Two things:

First, how much of a player are these folks, where are they drilling and where did they concentrate their leasing efforts in the county ?

I have a hard time believing they are in the hotter parts of the Utica here in the county but I don't know.

Second, does it seem logical that they would pay out leasing bonuses and then decide to just sit on those leases without drilling them or selling them off ? Seems illogical to me. I bet they sell off their acreage unless it is not desirable (profitable).

EQTs leases are mostly west of I-77.

I kind of figured as much. It seems Millwood, Richland, Oxford and Wills townships are the most desirable and  there is little interest after that, maybe in the northeastern part of the county.

I just saw an EQT truck in Cambridge today and wondered if that was the same company as Eclipse. I think it is not.

Thank you for the response.

Don't forget Londonderry Township, I can think of 10 wells off the top of my head that have been drilled in the past year with 3 more just getting started. Gulfport,AEU, Anetero, and Corizo are all active. Pipelines are everywhere and are still actively being built, oil trucks are driving out of the Lake well and Lawson well one right after the other, trucks' logo is Marathon oil, Findley oil.

It will be interesting to see what  happens to their acreage east of I-77. 

How is the production from the Lawson well going?  How long has it be in production?  I think only one leg has been drilled out of three is that correct?  Is the gas pipeline in?

What happened to the well just east of Antrim off of rt.22. A.E.U. was drilling it hard and all of the sudden just picked up and left a month or so ago. They seemed to have abandoned the site. I did see a small pipeline being built around it. I don't think they fracked it...

From watching the progress of the Lawson well, which is also AEU, when they got done drilling, they stripped the site down to nothing, then moved in the frac. unit. They are probably getting their water lines in order, and they might be waiting for a frac. rig to be done at some other site.

Gulfport has two flares at the Miller well on Jasper road, oil tanker after oil tanker are coming out of the Lawson well.

EQT did not pay the signing bonuses on many leases and then let them drop..

didn't cost them anything.....

Im not sure where they are coming up with the MILLIONS in Net Loss..???

On the land that is leased.... they most likely will finish up when the price of

oil goes back up....

Define, "writes off" ???  They aren't for sale. They still may drill em when oil prices go back up. Their acreage is in the oil window of Guernsey county so yea, lets not lose $$$. This article makes it sound like they are giving up ,ready to just use the acreage as a tax write off. Farmers write off the cost of their tractors,but they still keep using them. Their crops may be currently bringing unprofitable prices,but they still plant more,gambling on prices recovering.  EQT is doing what needs to be done at this time, go drill for GAS.  I do believe they'll be back in Guernsey .Eventualy.  Maybe to their leasehold near Old Washington. More than just Oil there.

 Some of you may already know is. If you don't GoFrac on the west side of Cambridge closed up shop this past week. As a former employee that had worked there it was just a matter of time. They tried to put the blame on oil prices but the truth was their competition did the job a lot better. GoFracs  employee turn over rate was daily. Hard to keep a crew organized when management wasn't.

BPW, Are you saying that fracing with water is best?


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