Again Mr Trump was right..

and Ruskies taking his advice... ?

at any rate... ME oil fields.. being bombed...

Guess that might bring up the PRICE on OIL  ??

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TURKEY has been buying ISIS Iraqi oil on the black market at a discount !!!  Obama knows it and does nothing !!!!  ERDOGAN is his terrorist friend !!!!

Trump's election, even if it happens, will come too late to save America.  It will take Trump the first four years just to halt (not undo) the ongoing damage Obama has set into motion, much of which can never be put right.

Too many people fail to realize we still have not reached the apogee of Obama's slaughter of this country.  It will not commence until Wednesday, November 9, 2016.  It will extend to January 20, 2017.  During that interval Obama will be completely unrestrained.  Pennsylvanians, for example, can anticipate the Presidential pardon and release of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the cop killer.  And there is so much more . . things which neither Trump nor anyone else ever will be able to remediate, short of perhaps another civil war.

Trump voices opposition to the political mechanism and poses what I think are very radical supposed 'solutions'.

And because of the very radical supposed 'solutions' he presents is, I think, unelectable.

I also think that if he, by some miracle, wins the Republican nomination; or even if he runs as an Independent against both the Dems and Reps it will be a guaranteed win for Clinton.

Still looking to Rubio, Fiorina and Christie as the best opportunity for changing the course.


 Joseph if trump is unelectable as you say why is he leading in the polls?

IMHO the polls - are generated by liberal media pollsters who want Clinton to be the next POTUS.

They want Trump to run as a spoiler.

I think it's been done many times before.

All only MHOs (but I also think there are a few if not many folks who see it all the same way).

Well I have no trouble whatsoever believing your claim to be from Ohio.  It was you people who elected Obama in 2012.  You all are so smart I can scarcely contain myself.  Also and equally true:

Fifty pigs are currently flying in tight formation over my house.

Kindly exclude me and my Mrs. from your 'You people' group.

I am from Ohio.

I'll let you in on a little secret in that I or my Mrs. didn't vote for 'O.' in 2012.

Saw enough lies exposed during the previous term to know better.

It was a case of which liar to vote for ? ? ? ? 

Vote for the guy with all the publicity then - it's your vote - just like I think the media wants you to do.

We still like any combination of Rubio / Fiorina / Christie.  Also would have included Jindal in that group, but he's already bowed out.

You sound like a very intelligent fella Frank - but, are you sure those are a 50 pig squadron flying in tight formation over your house ? 

No, wait...... you said that wasn't true after all. 

See how smart you are ? ! ? !


OK, Joseph, you're off the hook for now.  But there are American patriots out here watching all Ohioans very closely.  You guys had better vote right next year.

Good to be off your hook there Frank.

Right now Rubio / Fiorina / Christie are still looking most likely to succeed to me.

We'll see what happens next.

Also be sure to not exclude me and mine from your list of American Patriots there Frank - we would be very offended if you did.

You wouldn't be implying that I'm not an American Patriot would you ? ?

I happen to be a V-N era veteran honorably discharged and have worked and owned a small business and still work when I can find it in retirement - also a landowner - have paid more taxes than I care to remember paying - all not said to blow my own horn but rather just so you know who you're getting flip with there Frank.

Care to share your record with the rest of us reading along here ? ? ?

Whether they know / realize it or not, if you are a law abiding citizen / taxpayer in the USA, please note that (to get us all this far) ALL gave some and SOME gave all.

BTW, if you or any reader here also happen to have served, thank you for your service.

JUST TODAY, Joseph, on FB, there was a prediction by a very educated person that TRUMP,  at this point, is the only Presidential candidate in history to have the capability to take all 50 states in the election !!!  Pretty amazing !!!

FB - Facebook I guess you mean.

Seriously ? ?

You cite Facebook ? ?



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