informational forum in Wellsboro on Wednesday the 21st.

FREE GAS & PIPELINE SEMINAR (copied from website)

Attorney Doug Clark will be presenting a seminar to discuss gas and pipeline development in Tioga and the surrounding counties. Landowners faced with a proposed pipeline agreements must assess their leverage, understand the proposed pipeline agreement and know what they are signing. Join Attorney Clark on Wednesday the 21st from 6-8pm at the Deane Center for the Performing Arts.

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Doug Clark is just looking for clients to fill his pockets........what other reason would he be putting out money to rent a place to hold a forum to tell people about pipeline agreements  unless he was trying to get money for representing them.........or us he already in the pockets of the pipeline company????

I'm sorry you feel that way. He represents me and has been nothing but a real asset. I still encourage you to go learn something. It's free advice from a very knowledgable attorney.


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