We have just been contacted to meet with a man from a seismic crew.

Can anyone who has already done this provide me with any insight?

What should my concerns be?

Do they typically pay the land owner anything?

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We have signed a contract in Sullivan County for seismic testing. They paid $5.00 an acre for the right to perform the testing. The land is on the southeast end of Sullivan and they are working on Southwest Sullivan Cty near Dushore right now. From what they told us, they send in surveyors, place lines like electical cords with sensors and may even drill test cores. Then they sell the info to the gas companies.
Thank you for the information.
This wiki page may give you some idea.
Now there's a good idea.

Thanks for the info
E&P companies also hire seismic testers to gain additional data on parcels they have already leased. Its a way to get better geological data on that ground, so that instead of poking holes all over, they know where to drill the first time. I guess there's some market for companies who do the work then sell the data, but from what I've seen, drillers are more willing to contract seismic directly when they're already invested, instead of buying random information.

I've seen the data, and its really just a bunch of lines until someone analyzes it. So having it doesn't really help much unless you have a background in seismology or geology.

The big thumper trucks are the safest way to go, so most of the time, you'll see those. But there's really very little danger to property regardless of how its done if done properly. The trucks look a little menacing, but they're actually very interesting to watch work. After the trucks thump, sounds waves are collected by "phones" placed in listening wells, and the data is anaylzed by geophysicists. You'll also see a van, where the computers/testers are.

Anne Danahay at the Centre County Times did a nice story on it this winter -- maybe you can find it on their Web site. Its called "Gas Testing Shakes Ground."
Thank you, that was very informative and I will check out the "Gas Testing Shakes Ground" story.
Happy to help. Feel free to e-mail me directly if you need more info.
These "thumper trucks" have been active from near Elkland on route 49 west to at least Harrison Valley. I dont know if they went farther west then that or not. This was about 6 weeks ago.

Bill L.
Typically you do not get paid anything, make sure you are not granting them an option to lease your land at a specific price (unless you want to do that)
The cons:
trucks may drive through your property (maybe a day or two), any damage (if any- as this is a very quick and painless process) should be covered by the seismic agreement...this protection should already be included.

the pros:
Seismic data is necessary to companies who are exploring for natural gas. Good seismic will generate leasing/drilling activity in your area- which means your chances of getting a lease, signing bonus and a royalty check increases significantly!
Bad seismic? well, no one was intersted in the first place- so you gave them a shot to find it for you!
Your concerns should be the following for anything involving gas drilling. Clean air, clean water, noise, destruction of wildlife habitat, well contamination and or explosions, , diminished real estate value due to the damage caused by fracking rock. Will you get royalties? I doubt it since the price of natural gas has plummeted. Go to www.damascuscitizensgroup.org for further information on the process and speak to others who have leased their land; before you make any decisions. READ THE FINE PRINT! best of luck to you, Carolyn

this link will take you to a sample of a siesmic testing lease. don't know if this helps, but for what it's worth.
I spent 18 years as a seismic surveyor.in western Canada. You want to concerned with the vibrating trucks, otherwise known as vibroseis units. They are used where dynamite is not permitted. Be aware they must be a minimum of 660feet from any concrete structure and water well. If you are a larger landowner they must also pay for access and utilize no more than a 16 ft R/W for passage. I can't imagine them using shot hole as the energy source due to population density. Someone posted 5.00 an acre. I'd tell the company to take a hike. Make certain a company permit agent provides the details and you have it in writing. Best to you.


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