We have just been contacted to meet with a man from a seismic crew.

Can anyone who has already done this provide me with any insight?

What should my concerns be?

Do they typically pay the land owner anything?

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I'm a professional land surveyor in PA and would like to find more information on who to contact to get some of the surveying work. I would be interested in contracting with those companies doing the testing or any of the other work that would require land surveying services.
your concerns should be...make sure they pick up their wires and magnets out of your fields.Do not sign anything after they are done until you gone around your property and check......especially if your a farmer who who produces crops in your fields...most choppers have a metal detector,however, the wiring is copper and it doesn't work.also the 30 inches of wire left in each hole on top of the surface is a problem to your tractor axles and that little magnet does about 700.00 dollars damage to your chopper knives..
this seismic crew we had in this area were nice fellows BUT sloppy...They did settle with all of the damage...but, you had to go through who you leased with...to add the muscle to get things done.because they are in no big hurry to settle with your loss....
no money for the land owner.This is why they have a lease.
actually we were paid what our lease was for the yr...5.00 /acre....however, I believe you can get more.....yes, we have one of the cream of the crop leases the gas companies love!!!! we are the lambs and the gas company is the wolf...were competely at there mercy......also remember if they do pay you something for the testing., they expect that to go towards any damages.....
I personally would'nt permit seismic testing unless i was leased, if they get bad info there goes your chance of ever being leased!
Right now they are setting up for seismic testing on our property in Colley, Sullivan County, PA. A fellow is driving around in a Ranger looking at access roads, etc. I will let you know what they do as it progresses.
They just finished seismic on our land in Colley, PA. It was marked with a few colored stakes and strings on the trees and the testers were in and out in a few days but they worked almost round the clock. We noticed no damage. The testers told us they did not have access to the results, everyone is asking the same question. They just laid the lines and traversed the roads on atv's. The readings are all computerized. They said they leave the stakes in for awhile in case they have to go back in.


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