We had a man  come to our farm  today and wanted us to sign papers to let them do Seismic testing on our farm.  The mans name was Mike Allstead from SEITEL, out of Monaca, PA. He offered us $5.00 per acre on our 76 acre farm. They want to dig 40 3 inch round holes , 30 ft. deep, put blasting powder in the holes . ( My Husband talked to the man, I was not here)  He told the man he needs to talk with me. I am to call him and set up a time after the Holidays to sign the papers. The man needs to come back and draw where the buildings and ponds are, on our property.  Has anyone else been aproached by this  company ? ANY information would be appreciated ! Not sure what to do ? Confused..... Many Thanks in advance for your information !

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Nancy - this is just the next step as they prep our area for drilling.
The man should have left a lease for you to review. Read over it all word for word. Make sure you understand it. You do not have to let them - the first lease you signed is just for drilling (if in fact you did sign one).
But I would pay special attention to how far away from structures they will detonate. Also your well - how far away is the given distance.
There is no hurry - as my friends told me the company will be testing the next six months. Plus it's 5 days before Christmas!!! That in itself is enough for a few weeks of time to relax and think it through!
Best of luck. I really hope the drilling picks up in our area. Our community deserves it - it's filled with so many good natured folks.

My friends are in Hanover Twp and signed with them tonight. I didn't get their company name.

Jason, Thank you for your wonderful advise and help. They also want to test my property in Hanover Township.  I went on a website and have found some problems in Texas with water wells. The people had  to drill new water wells after taking Seitel to court. This whole thing is exciting but also worrysome.  I have animals on my property that need the clean water.  Thank you again for your wonderful comments and help ! They left no lease to review.....  They told my Husband we are to call them.... I will call our Lawyer and ask his advise...  God Bless....... and Thank you again !



You're welcome. My wife and I own 74 in Hanover Twp beaver county. We have not been contacted, yet.
I have an uncle who is my attorney (works with a oil and gas company) but friends used an attorney from Washington. Name escapes me right now.
But a good one isn't cheap - probably $300/hour. But worth it for concerned folks who love their property more than a few bucks here and there.
Best of luck to you

Jason, I so agree !  My property feeds my animals and us and I just can't be without clean water .  They count on me to make the correct decision. Best of Luck to you too !  God Bless.....

Different company, Precision Geo., and NE Oil and Gas Exploration doing the work, but the same situation. They didn't offer any money, but I asked and received five dollars/acre on 80 acres. Nice people. I'm in SE Ohio.

Dear Sawdust, Thank you for your reply and help !  Much Appreciated !  From what I have learned, Seitel pays $0.00 TO $25.00 per acre. They are the Number 1 Seismic testing group in the U.S.A.    But....There has been some problems with water wells going bad. I raise Andalusian and Friesian horses plus an Animal Rescue.... I need clean water....  So nice to have your imput .... Thank you !  God Bless..... Nancy 

Nancy,  Do some careful thinking before making a decision. These tests are to locate "sweet spots" where gas will be most profitable. The results are sold to drillers for lots of money.

Some things to think about:

1) They would get valuable info from you for practically nothing

2) You risk losing your water

3) If they dont refill the holes properly a person or animal could break a leg,etc.

4) LIABILITY - do they have proof of accident/injury insurance

5) There is already plenty of geolgical info

already established - they already know whats there

6) They can do thumper trucks along roadways without surface disturbance

7) There is no guarantee they will find a sweet spot on your property - thus property damage with no compensation.

I refused seismic testing for all the reasons above. I dont like being taken advantage of.

Make sense?  Jeff.


Thanks Jeff, Your answer makes a lot of sense !  You are appreciated very much ! My horses mean the world to me. God Bless, Nancy

Here is a list posted in Beaver county area..there is a discussion going on for Hookstown area about seismic.


Gary, WOW !  So much Information !  Thank you..... I am  going to attend the meeting Jan. 28th but the man is coming to our farm Jan. 3rd.  At this point...I don't think I will sign but am interested in what he has to say. Trying to learn all I can. The McMasters well is being drilled just two miles from me. I am very anxious to hear what and how much it will produce.  Shippingport N. Plant is just over the hill  from me and this makes me very nervous.  Just trying to keep things as safe as possible here on our farm. I signed with Chesapeake a little over a year ago. My wish  for 2013 is that the gas prices will go up. Just wish I knew what we had under our land. My husband and I are no youngsters. The people in this group have been very helpful to me....... I appreciate them so much !  As I do you for sending me this Much Helpful Information !  God Bless you and Have a Wonderful Christmas !


WOW!  What a great resource! Lots more to consider. Also, what I was told when I asked about renumeration was that I would have a greater chance of getting a well with a better payout. Yeah, right!  None of this was available when I was being approached. Thanks, Gary


Jeff, I don't understand this.... Are you saying I should reconsider this offer ?   Many Thanks, Nancy


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