We had a man  come to our farm  today and wanted us to sign papers to let them do Seismic testing on our farm.  The mans name was Mike Allstead from SEITEL, out of Monaca, PA. He offered us $5.00 per acre on our 76 acre farm. They want to dig 40 3 inch round holes , 30 ft. deep, put blasting powder in the holes . ( My Husband talked to the man, I was not here)  He told the man he needs to talk with me. I am to call him and set up a time after the Holidays to sign the papers. The man needs to come back and draw where the buildings and ponds are, on our property.  Has anyone else been aproached by this  company ? ANY information would be appreciated ! Not sure what to do ? Confused..... Many Thanks in advance for your information !

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Dear Nancy,    We left an oil company do seismic testing about 10-15 yrs. ago. Today this water hole (swamp) is almost always dry. They put off charges and they opened up something that lets this water hole dry up in no time. If you have drainage tile you don't want these charges close.  Wayne Co. Ohio

Penn State and the Beaver-Lawrence Farm Bureau had a seminar on pipeline-seismic testing a few weeks ago. Contact the Beaver County extention office for more information phone # 724-774-3003. They presented information on the different typs of testing types and things to look for in your contract.

Water is a issue. It is NOT PROTECTED unlike gas and drilling. Things covered. all wire removal. cratering caused by testing.  Many topics covered.

It was expensive cost $10.00.   but got free coffee and donuts from Farm Bureau. It was very informative If your are going to have testing in your area you should attend.



I was paid 5.00/acre by a company named D.A.S. this Fall and experienced no problems whatsoever.

Several shot holes bored in my woods but they must have detonated them while I was at work , unless they were so quiet I did not hear them. My well is fine. The thumper trucks emitted vibrations felt for a couple of seconds at most. My house sits 20 feet from the road so they were pretty close. No livestock here , so I can't say how they would react. My dog didn't seem to mind the thumper trucks except to growl at the Mexicans doing the work :-)

Southern Lawrence County , PA , 80.22 acres.

Good luck whatever you decide!


Dear Glenn, Thank you for your responce and information.  You are Much Appreciated !   God Bless, Nancy

I am in Jefferson county Ohio.  They have asked several times to do this testing around this area.  The going rate is 10.00 per acre, which is nothing compared to what they turn around and sell it for ($45,000.00 plus) to large drillers.  Don't do it.  Attorney also advised not to allow them.....  Hope this helps!


          Where did you get the figure of $45,000.00 plus per acre?

That would be more than $28,800,000 per 640 acre (1 square mile) unit; just for the raw seismic data. Lets say that it is a small 3D survey, something like 100 square miles - do you really think that they can sell this data for almost 3 Billion Dollars?

I doubt that they even get $450.00 per acre.

This is from Seitel's  most recent quarterly report: "For the third quarter of 2012, our net income was $1.1 million compared to last year's net loss of $5.1 million"

Does this look like a company that is selling just one (of their many) seismic surveys for Billions of dollars.

Get real, someone has been pulling your leg .........  Hope this helps!




@ Jack your comments help No one but pro gassers. Tell the people what really goes on for a change instead of hiding behind your remarks !

The seismic report is sold for 45K or more to the drillers.  (1) report = 45K for the company doing the testing. I have 30 acres x 10.00 = 300.00 dollars for me vs the profit the seismic company is making.  Seismic company makes approximately $44,700.00 on just my 30 acres.

Again, don't let them take advantage of you or negotiate a much better rate per acre so you get the majority of the profit not the minority.  Break a leg Jack!


Please provide a link to where Seismic acquisition contactors sell the data for $1500.00/acre - as you claim ($45,000.00/30 acres = $1500.00/acre).

That is utter nonsense.

That would amount to around 1 million dollars for a 640 acre unit (1 square mile).

That would amount to around 100 million dollars for a small 100 square mile 3D survey.


This is from Seitel's most recent quarterly report: "For the third quarter of 2012, our net income was $1.1 million compared to last year's net loss of $5.1 million"

Does this look like a company that is selling just one (of their many) seismic surveys for hundreds of millions of dollars?


Google some of the Geophysical Contractors, look at their quarterly and annual reports, look at their stock prices and the five year histories of their stock prices. The  Geophysical Contractors are the poor boys of the the O&G industry. In the good times they seem to barely get by, in the bad times they have to merge or go bust.


RE: "Break a leg Jack!"

Get a life Dana (or at least get an education). I truly feel sorry for you and in spite of your ignorance, I wish you no harm in this Season of Joy ......... Hope this helps!











What effect would this type of testing have on a coal mine 80 feet underground that was shut down 75 years ago? 30 +/- feet would put the charge 50 feet above the roof of the mine.

To add to Steven's comments:

It would be helpful to make the Seismic Contractor aware of the old mine workings (if they are not already aware).

The accuracy of 19th and early 20th century surveying underground is sometimes questionable. It was often considered to be more important to know where they were in a relative sense than in an absolute sense.

If the Seismic Contractor  does not wish to avoid the area, they may wish to do a shallow engineering reflection or refraction survey to confirm the location of mine workings.






It is unlikely they would place shotholes or receivers over the mine workings as this would result in poor quality data due to the void space left by the mine.


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