Through the years it seems that the consensus on this forum has been to hold and never sell your mineral rights.  Given the recent events - has that changed for anybody? My wife and I are considering selling our rights for the first time ever. Wondering if we are the only ones.

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 You’re not fooling anyone flipper Dick Jefferson, you and your buddies are the only ones left trolling this site.   Yes the consensus is to hold on to your minerals for the most part or deal with slimeballs, lies and non-disclosure’s.  

    Do you realize people can actually read your past posts?   It’s obvious you’re in the industry and been slithering around the site Cheerleading for your fellow flippers.

First time you thought of selling you say....Seems pretty reasonable right now ,  almost guaranteed to get top dollar.

   we can come up with a quote for you in about five minutes, please provide us with your Real name and contact info.    We can make your wife  real happy with the highest and best offer available today on GMS.

  Our members (newer or older) need to be aware that some comments and topics posted on gms are not legitimate.  Meaning they have a motive to TRY and persuade mineral owners to sell.    

when you see constant negativity posted or a catchy topic headline like this one , click on the members name and check out their past posts , likely you’ll see a trend.

 Second round of flipper layoffs coming , 60 day countdown.... all public knowledge by now 

 I’ll check back in about 61 days or so to see how many flips are left.

I’m not sure how to respond to this in a respectful way. Is calling me a flipper supposed to be an insult? You have the wrong guy.

I have used this forum for a long time. Most recently to try and remove Mr. Ron Hale. Stay on topic or go away. Guys like you have ruined this place.

Richard, Hold on to your mineral unless you want to lose money. With production down and not a lot of activity happening right now,  the offers from mineral companies will be very low. Be careful on who you talk to when considering selling your rights, there is a whole lot of mineral agents out there who will sign you into a agreement and offer you higher per acre price, but they will not be able to pay it. That will cause them to shop it around and waste your time when they come back to you with a lower per acre price. I would hold on to your minerals and wait out the storm until things pick back up again.

Richard,  Of coarse every parcel is unique but it seems mineral buyers have all but vanished.  We have leased twice and talk of drilling has disappeared now. About 4 months ago I contacted buyers.  About 3 months later they called and said they were sorry they had no interest at this time.  We are about 18 months into a 5 year lease. We were some of the last ones to lease in the immediate area do to lease language we wanted and they were eager to get it done.  Word was they planned on drilling last year.  I may contact the lease holder directly to see if they are interested. If not we will probably lease a 3rd time someday. The problem is with the low hub prices the minerals aren’t worth much right now, even the county tax on them has gone down about 95%.  We probably have to hold them a few years until the economy goes back up, but when that happens we’re back to maybe they’ll get drilled again. Yesterday William Barr asked Congress to put our civil rights on hold, maybe the govt will take them at bargain prices and tell us we can’t own them anymore. Strange times, the Republicans want an environment without Civil Rights where they can take our guns, and the Democrats in the house are going to say no. 

I may be wrong but I think FRACKING MY CH4 was/is Ron’s buddy.  

Good luck to all of us with our minerals 


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