Anyone getting offers on selling your mineral rights? I am in a unit with Ascent and a unit with Gulfport. Both are being developed at this time. I Just wondering what a good offer is on a 20 percent lease. I haven't  responded back to any of the buyers yet.

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We are in the 4th month of receiving royalties in Jefferson County Ohio from Ascent. We were offered $12,000.00 per acre on a 17.5% lease, which we refused. After 4 months we have received about 65% of the amount offered to sell. Even with depletion I figure that we will make money in about 4 more months over what was offered. Hope this info helps.

One buyer did offer $12,000 an acre the others just wanted me to call for  their offer. You just helped make my mind up to hold on the the mineral rights. Thank you !

Watch out fothe Gulfport Unit. I heard the other day from a good friend who is in the O&G industry that Gulfport was going to sell out in 2023. Asset sale stating 2023. 

I was offered $ 14,500 last week Joe. Told them I would think it over. Thank you for your input.

Where are you located? Am trying to figure out what the going rate is for leasing and selling in Harrison county Ohio


My 79.23 acres, are located in Guernsey County, Londonderry Twp., Section 21, Township 11N, Range 7W

I was not renewed, by Ascent, as of 10/2021.

Is anyone interested in LEASING them?

Please let me know as soon as you can.


In southern Jefferson County. In 2 well units that have not been put online yet


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