Happy Monday! We have a poll for the Pennsylvania Primary up on GMS today.


Who are you voting for on Tuesday?


Vote in our poll...

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Results posted

Interesting - the poll results mimic almost exactly the actual results.

I guess we Shalers have our finger on the pulse of the nation!


About in-the-shale landowners who vote Democrat I can safely say:

They place other priorities above success with their O&G prospects.

Democrats embrace wholeheartedly the global warming myth.  As such, shutting us all down is HIGH on their list of priorities.  Why?  Because they fervently (and of course, erroneously) believe that by so doing they are saving this earth.

Even if elected to power, Democrats will not be able to accomplish instantaneously our demise.  But take this to the bank:  beneath Democrat control our end will come FAR, FAR earlier than otherwise would be the case.  Their "no fracking" and "keep it in the ground" objectives will soon enough, for us shalers, become our tombstones where chance for success with our resource is concerned.

Of the three Republicans remaining (at least nominally) in the race, only Kasich believes in the global warming myth.  He is best avoided.  Either Trump or Cruz would be a reliable partner for us, as landowners, going forward.

Maybe a different perspective would be to develop enough low cost energy in this country to energize a new industrial revolution the like of which would attract manufacturing back to this country from China, Mexico and other places.....low energy costs will help off-set the labor costs



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