New activity with American Energy ( Aubrey ) moving into Muskingum County. Recorders Office recorded six parcels on Oct.10,2013. Assignment, Conveyance, and Bill of Sale from SWEPI. Hope things get better in the near future.

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Do you know the total amount of acreage and if they are adjoining parcels?

Good news!  this confirms the sale. Now if someone in the know in Guernsey county can check on recorded lease transfers! Lots of people would like to know.  thanks

Recorded on 10/10/2013. Bo, Guernsey is online now at
Have Fun!!!!!

American Energy (Aubrey) did transfers from Enervest on the 3rd of Oct in several townships in eastern Guernsey County.


thank very much.

Townships are Highland (1) parcel, Rich Hill (2) parcels, Madison (1) parcel, Perry (1) parcel,  and Union (1) parcel. Ranging from 9 to 159 acres. 309 total acres.

I was skeptical at first, thinking about flipping purposes. Does anyone remember when leases were cheap in Columbiana County and flipped to foreign company (Total). I see that they took out an open end mortgage for up to 500,000,000 10/2013 and used oil and gas for collateral. I would read that 21 page mortgage before leasing. They must have some type of drilling plans and may have pertinent information on the Artex Farmout Aggreement with seismic results. It may be good news for the area.

I never seen anywhere where Anadarko put up their 400,000 leased acres on the market.

Maybe the silence of whats there and recovery is starting to leak out. Just my opinion.

Time will tell. 

Leases in Columbiana County flipped to Total???? Most Chesapeake leases in Columbiana County including ours remain property of Chesapeake. They are the driller of record on almost every well permit in Carroll and Columbiana County. The Total deal was an investment of cash by Total and a percent interest (royalty or working I am unsure which) was transferred to Total. DPS Penn who acted as land men for Cheasapeake in the initial stages also was given an interest in our lease and every ALOV lease even though we signed directly w Chesapeake. DPS Penn was at the several day signing event helping with it. This is all documented at recorders office so you can see if leaseholder assigns any part of their interest in the lease to others. In northern Columbiana some lease holds have been sold traded transferred to Hillcorp. Since we dont have one of those leases I can not speak to whether Chesapeake retained in interest in these. We read they did keep the or so wells they had drilled.

I THINK we will find out soon that Artex really isn't Artex anymore. I'm guessing they have been acquired or will be soon.
Shell moves in mysterious ways........


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