Looks like Aubrey McClendon  may be the buyer for Enervest"s 22,000 acres and Shell's 50,000 acres. Most of this may be in Guernsey county! Check out the article in Forbes mag. or go to "Drilling Ahead" website.  No-one has verified this. He has a new company formed, AEP.

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Agreed.  American Energy Partners; Aubrey& friends; are advertising big 1/2 page ads in Cambridge's newspaper for leasing opps.  They must be filling in around and adding unto the acerage they got from Shell & Enervest. Still quite a few parcels unleased!

I think it is interesting that AEP is picking up so much Envervest acreage so close to Salt Fork State Park that is off limits for now.

Parks can't be drilled in? If so, I think that will change eventually.

In June of 2011, the Ohio Senate passed a bill permitting drilling in the state parks. At the same time it called for the establishment of an oil and gas leasing commission to oversee the project. As of June 2013 that commission had not been established. In addition, folks at ODNR have stated that there are to be no rigs placed on park property; the drilling is to be done from adjacent parcels. In addition, folks at ODNR have stated that Salt Fork is the jewel of the system and will be the last to be leased. With all that said, unfortunately we know that money talks, so who knows?

I missed artical in the paper was their a number I could get to call about leasing

An unleased landowner in Cambridge twp.  got to talk to aubrey's co. about leasing in Guernsey county.  They said they were only interested in eastern Guernsey at this time.

I would go talk to them but have no way of getting a hold of them they do not reply back to emails

There's an ad in that Gas and Oil magazine for American Energy Partners.  I don't remember if there is contact information in it and I am at work. I assume there is.  If I remember I will look it up.



FYI Received letter from Shell today advising they sold our Shell lease to
American Energy Partners eff 10/13/2013.

landowners leasing group has the answers here.  Look for their upcoming meetings.

Currently active in Noble, Guernsey, Monroe, Belmont and Harrison....anyone needing assistance with minerals.

We sent in the papers to LLG for our Guernsey Co. property today.  In a search I did, our parcel sits in the middle of several SWEPI (Shell) {now AEP} leases and alongside a Gulfport lease, so hopefully with the resources of LLG and several companies to deal with, we can end up with not only a lease, but hopefully a good lease.


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