In Tioga county PA and Sullivan township, I am getting contacted by a Shell landman wanting updated information on the gas lease (originally another company had the lease).   He is willing to get these addendums signed and notarized on the spot.    Anyone else getting these calls/ visits.   I of course will be taking all documents to council.   Just wanting to know what the heck is going on now... is there a new wrinkle that is discovered and they want the land owner out of the legal picture? 

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I've been contacted several times over the past couple months, mostly regarding expired leases from the 60's.  The statement they want signed is that you neither received or will accept future royalties from previous leases.  We are already receiving royalties from Shell and Ultra, so I see no need to sign it.  I haven't heard from them in awhile, maybe they have given up.

I have heard that (bear in mind that this was third hand) that Shell plans to make a big play in the marcellus and utica shale biz in the coming year.  Supposedly they plan on having 3000 wells by 2014.....I would hold out until I knew what was going on, if it were me.

David all ready said In Tioga county PA and Sullivan township.

It sounds to me like they are doing title curative and that there was an old lease on the property that did not have a surrender of lease filed in the court house. Your description is vague but it is more than likely that a previous owner had leased the property and the company never followed through with filing the proper paper work after the lease expired.


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