DEP email says Shell/SWEPI is getting permits to plug some of the Halterlein wells.  I am not sure I like the sound of this.

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Please give us more geography for us buckeyes .

Aren't these the wells which somebody thought were going to be TBR wells ?  If so, did you see my earlier post that if you look at the Interactive Maps for the TBR project hosted by WVU, you can see that many previous TBR wells drilled in that territory turned out to be dry holes ?


Halterlein is in Mercer Township, Butler County, PA

Williams is in Slippery Rock Township, Butler County PA



See here: . 


I received that notification too.  The Halterlein has had other wells on the pad plugged back in February.


Sorry for thinking this might be those Patterson wells which Trapper mentioned earlier as possibly being drilled into the Trenton-Black River. Philip, Thanks for cluing me in on what formations the Hatterlein wells were targeting.

They just got a plug permit for the Kephart well in North Beaver Twp., Lawrence County, too.

Wow, all these WPA wells being plugged?

Where are guys getting this info.?

SkyTruth alerts

Looks like 2 or 3 Kephart wells are getting plugged....?

3 different subfacility id #'s are listed. Whatever the heck a subfacility id # is!

Subfacility #1071546 Kephart G 2019 1HD 4HM

                #1071547 Kephart G 2019 1HD 4HM

                #1075411 Kephart G 2019 2HS

WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON...............?

Perhaps it is time for Shell to start holding some informational meetings for it's lessors!!!!

Ron, the DEP permit website.

How close does these dead wells get to the Ohio/Pa border?

I think I would be worried if it was "plugged and abandoned" instead of just "plugged."  Could be the price of NG just doesn't justify the activation.....yet.

New Middletown is a hop skimp and a jump away,


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