Shell announced plans to build a Petrochemical plant northwest of Pittsburgh . 6,000 construction jobs , 600 full time jobs . 


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Hire the people.

Order the block, material and equipment !

Build it out !

Start it up !

This would be a good time to tell the Shale Play State government officials "You put a stop to the Royalty Theft or we put a stop to your Cracker Plant Money Maker".

Your children in Jr High will have an opportunity to run this air pollution machine for the man. 

Better yet, let the children of those who want those 600 jobs go to work in an environment that will become their Occupational Hazard in many different ways, shortening their lives.

Throw those stones at me if you must. I care more about human life than money making pollution producers given to us by the THEIVING oil & gas industry. Check your royalty statement more closely if you don't agree with the THEIVING part. Call the state and they will tell you that you have a Civil Matter. Criminal Matters don't exist if an O&G company conducts theft.

Go hug a tree. and renew your EBT card.

Surprised this didn't get more comments as it is the biggest positive economic news to hit the area in decades. Can't think of anything bigger.

This is going to be a entirely new industry in the area. Look for dozens of companies to either move or form in the surrounding area. Ethylene is a major component in just about everything we use these days. In ten-twenty years this may create over ten thousand jobs.Who knows, maybe the state will finally get off its ass and approve the casino/racetrack they have been holding hostage for over 12 years, creating hundreds, or even a thousand, more jobs.


Jim,  I, too, have am surprised no one is commenting.    This IS the NEWS that will build on many projects, new companies etc in three states not just PA, but OH and WV.

Some news articles are reporting that with the go ahead with the PA cracker it makes it more likely that the one in Belmont County OH will happen.

lol Jim guess perhaps this will be a two way conversation between you and I about how important this is the tri state region.   Searcherone

I completely agree. People balk at the notion that tax breaks were given to Shell for a mere 600 permanent jobs. Those are only the jobs at the plant itself. There could be thousands of others created from offshoot businesses that pop up.

Heck, the Beaver Valley Mall would be closing if not for this. The owners have said it is one of their worst performing assets, and they only haven't closed it yet because of the possibility of Shell coming. And once the cracker is in place maybe stores there could actually hire more employees. 

And this has already created jobs at the hotels that have sprung up near the mall. Don't kid yourself and say they would be there regardless; what draw is there for a hotel in Center Township? CCBC? PSU Beaver? I don't think so.

This will also have a huge impact on drilling through out the area.  This plant needs prodigious amounts of ethane which means a lot of drilling in wet gas areas. It also means a lot of pipelines and processing plants to get that ethane out of the gas and to the plant.

It is great news for a huge number of companies and land owners in this region! I would think Shell will need lots of product for a very long time. It surely increased the odds of leases being renewed and lots of wells being drilled. Western Pa. should be sold out of champagne by Saturday.      CHEERS TO EVERYONE!!!!!


I was thinking the same thing. I thought this site would explode when the news hit. This is HUGE for the Tri-state area. Maybe Hilcorp will start back drilling in a few years. It will be interesting to see what happens with lease renewals.

Shell's press release cites ethane consumption of 110,000 barrels/ day. In past communication, they were talking 60,000-80,000 barrels/day. Ethane is the largest NGL component, sometimes reaching 50% of the NGL stream. Currently, most is "rejected" into the NG stream, and therefore priced at the NG level. I believe this creates some of the impression that the E&P's are "stealing" liquids. Other than conversion to ethylene through the cracking process, there is no independent use for ethane. Ethane prices have been in the bargain basement for currently costs more to transport ethane than the price of the commodity. If multiple crackers the size of Shell's get built in our geography, that situation could change and result in a resurgence of wet gas drilling. Bravo Shell!!


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