Shell announced plans to build a Petrochemical plant northwest of Pittsburgh . 6,000 construction jobs , 600 full time jobs . 


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Where does their press release cite "110,000 barrels/ day" ?   I looked in the Shell Press Release found at but it made no mention of consumption.

Thanks !  


Here is where I found the 110,000 barrels/day (actually 105,000 brls/d)



Can't open your web archive file Blu.

Can you save it to a PDF ?

No can do. The article was from Marcellus Drilling News to which I subscribe. Apparently, they don't want their articles forwarded. Maybe someone smarter than me knows how to circumvent the problem. I am challenged to operate the TV remote!



Thanks for your effort Blu.

Don't think I'll have any luck but I'll try my read programs and see what happens.

I guess my enthusiasm level will climb when all this "great news" actually impacts me in a positive way. ie: puts money in my pocket.
Been leased for 10 years now and still no bits flying here. I signed with Shell in 2011 after being leased to Range for 5 yrs. Now Rex owns my lease which is up in October,2016.
I have neighbors whose leases expired this spring with no interest from Rex to extend.
We are only 15 miles from the Cracker site. It will do us absolutely no good whatsoever if the ethane feedstock comes from elsewhere.
BTW....message to Ralph Cramdon: "To the moon, Alice!!!!" Hello, Jackie Gleason!

JackIe along with Alice were 'The Greatest' ! 

JackIe was a great pool shot to boot some may recall.

This isn't your Daddy's Shell, this is Royal Dutch Shell.

Why don't US companies want to participate in this money maker by building huge plants that off gas petrochemicals 24/7 that will eventually result in cancer for those who can't afford to move, even though they have provided the Ethane from their lands minerals. Royalty theft is a Civil Matter, all other thefts are a Criminal Matter in the US. How does that work?

Could US companies realize the Asbestos style class action lawsuits this will bring to the area?

Good for lawyers, bad for the people. Did you get your $200 settlement for asbestos injury yet?

If you want good jobs, use the laws to put US Corporations back in the role of serving the people, get them and their money out of Washington. 

Then get control of ceo salaries, and I bet the Middle Class will be back in no time.

Do nothing and the next generations will see us as the Slacker Generation who stood by and watched while our government was stolen by greedy corporations run by kings, that slowly are turning US Citizens into their subjects. Don't agree, check you Health Care bill, and your electric bill. Do you have any money left over for a trip to the grocery store? 

this developement makes it sure that hillary and the dems will not take pa. in november.get rid of the democrats in november. prosecute them in february.

Doesn't Hillary want to ban fracking? If she wins, won't that mess the shell plant all up?

That's what I understand.

No good that I can see to be found for land / mineral owners / lessors with the 'left'.

Any good to be found for lands / mineral owners / lessors with the 'right'  ? ?


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