The main thrust of the site will always be leasing and drilling information. With that said, I have noticed several political discussions popping up.


Reply with YES or NO; should we add a political group?


*If added the discussions for this group would not be on the homepage where the main page forum currently is displayed.

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I would have to say no . While i agree politics plays a large role in life in general, being hidden behind the safety of a computer allows for some to behave in a manner best suited for a child. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". 




Yes, political discussions that are relative & pertinent to oil & gas fracturing could be enlightening. Thanks.
Yes. Politics is definitely a part of the topic and should be included.
Whether us landowners like it or not, politics will be an influence into mineral rights now that billions are invested and billions will be produced.  Our voice as landowners is the strongest weapon we have to fight back against any onslaught by politicians.  However, this voice must be educated and stand the scrutiny of counter-attacks.

Yes it should.  The people of this site deserve to know how they are or are not being represented by their elected officials.  It would also make for good reading if knowledgeable, intelligent people had something to say.



Not interested in anybody's political views period. Your not going to change mine, nor I yours. Keep the negative smack out of it. Both sides of that fence have become the biggest disgrace this countries ever witnessed bought and paid for by the same companies in question here.  
Yes,  Politics affects all of life, especially economic life.   The job and wealth killers in Harrisburg and D. C. must work 24/7  they never stop.  I just learned I cannot sell either shale off my farm (without a mining permit) or water from my 70 year old farm pond (for fracking) because the damn govermnet claims it.

Politics have much to do with the O/C industry. How will we know how all the rules will relate to us if we cannot access the information here? I think most of us are trying to make educated decisions as to what we do concerning leases, royalties and how they will affect us.


What we need to be careful of is to not start calling each other idiots if we dont agree with what someone has said! Giving both sides of a question and inputting your feelings without making it a personal would help us all to make a satisfactory decision I think.


Bill L.

aka Bummy

No.  This site should not be about ideologies.  It should be about leasing and other practical matters concerning the Marcellus arena.  Anti-drillers wish to MAKE it a political issue.  It is not.
There are political issues concerning coal vs oil&gas in some counties like Belmont. Politics is not all about R vs D pissing matches or anti vs pro drilling.
I'd like to see this site stay informational only.  Everyone knows who the pro and con folks are and political discussions will just dilute the objectivity of the site.  You'll never keep it off the main page.


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