I have learned that the lease I signed with Shell was filed at the Lawrence County Courthouse on March 22, 2012.  As of this date I have not received my bonus money.  Is that normal? When should I start to worry ? I figured since it was recorded over three weeks ago I would have been paid by now.  

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I had called my bank to obtain update. My bank told me although I took the draft to the bank the end of Oct. They did not submit until the begining of November. I believe that will make a difference on my end date as well.

Also you can access an on line calandar that will calculate business dates from start to end point.

Update it doesnt go by the lease date it does goes by the date Amegy gets your draft at least thats what Amegy told me, Holland said it goes by the date the lease is signed so confusing!! LOL

Our lease directly states when it starts. Have you pulled your lease out to look. Ours is worded something like the day it is signed by the lessor and handed to the co. handling the lease which in our case was Dps Penn. Right after dps penn picked it up which was a few days later a copy of the lease was returned to us with the dates we signed as the start day of the 120 days.

Yep your right Kathleen!!

our contract states that it is dated for the date submitted for collection.  So I believe our 120 days would begin the date submitted.

I talked to Holland and she told me its starts the day the lease was signed but i noticed on my bank draft it also has the date my lease was signed! I signed Nov 21st 2011 and she told me the end of May

I signed with shell on Dec 17th  2011 and haven't yet received my bonus monies ,however my 90 banking days aren't up til the end of this month. My neighbor's cousin signed with shell on the 23rd of Nov 2011 and received his monies on the 15th of this month so hopefully mine will be forthcoming. My contract had 90 banking days for the payment which would bring my date around the 23rd or so of April.

We also signed in November 4th of 2011 with Shell/SWEPI, and the draft said payment would occur in 120 "banking" days, which tuns out to be about 5 months with weekends and holidays.  Some leases specify 90 banking days, or 90 days. Our money arrived April 3rd, exactly 120 banking days.  Take a look at your lease and see what the payment structure is and figure out an approximate date.  You could also call them.  We did and got information on when our payment was scheduled to be processed. I've found them to be very easy to get info from.


Good luck!


Hi John,


I have acreage for lease and would like to speak with Shell. Can you provide a contact there? Thanks djeigel@neo.rr.com

Number for Shell. (877) 842-7308.  

They are paying. Like has been said, be patient 90 banking days is around 4 months, maybe a little longer. Google business day calculator and see for yourself.

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My lease was recorded at the Lawrence County , PA Courthouse on 12/06/2011. Shell sent me my copy on 01/03/2012. Payment was deposited into my account 01/09/2012.

If your experience matches mine , you should be paid before the end of April! Congrats and good luck!



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