The SIOUX fought the US MILITARY on USA SOIL  

and WON......  1876...

Looks like they might try again.....  :)

Indians in Canada and USA   going on warpath again.....

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I'm willing to bet there really is Russian influence involved in this. I'll also bet you'll never hear a peep from the press or the Hag about it either.Too bad Congress is a pit of vipers. Not to disparage vipers. All venom and no spine.

I think having the US GOVT screw the Native Americans for 150 years may have something

to do with it....

Indians have a claim to the country.. .Negro's do not......

No reparations for slave descendents..... but Indians are due $$

But then again the Cherokee and Osage In Oklahoma are all MILLIONAIRS....   :)

Methinks the Spanish screwed more Native Americans than US Government. French did a job as well. US just finished the process. Yes, World is/was a nasty place.
Now let's work on slave reparations. Cash paid as each "victim" revokes US citizenship and boards flight back to Motherland. Don't think there would be many taker's on that deal.
Change is coming. Better hope you're prepared.
Agreed. Once the Souix get "their" land back I wonder if they will return some of it to the Chyenne and Arapaho.

Richard Cranium ..... Richard Cranium .... Oh, I get it. You must have had a rough childhood  Harry A./ Mike H./ Richard C. Your symbolism seems to reflect a personal problem. Most guys move out of the phase you are stuck in when they discover girls, cars, and baseball. There are good people out there who can help you with that. Good luck.

FWIW ...

The DAPL pipeline that is being contested is to run only a few yards away from - and parralel to - the Northern Border Pipeline, a natgas pipeline in operation since 1982.

For over 40 miles, leading up to and across the Missouri River, these two pipelines are side by side and run through the disputed area.

The Corps of Engineers 1,200 page report describes all of this and much more.


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