I check the ODNR website both reports of permits and plugging as well as the county engineers report.  It seems things are happening in Monroe, Belmont, Harrison, Guernsey, and Carrol counties.  We don't seem to hear much about this activity here.  Why?  This site at one time had many posts per day and now doesn't and I don't understand why it has gotten so quiet.

What about infrastructure developments in these counties?  Are pipelines being built and other structures?  Lets see what the overall picture of development is and share it with the others.  Let's make this site a good source of information again.

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Robert, I wonder the same thing. Things are extremely busy across the state line in Sw Pa., particularly Greene county. Aleppo, Richhill, and Springhill townships, all are seeing drilling and pipeline activity. All I hear are crickets. In 2008, when I first started following this, there were so many posts, it took hours to go through all of them each day. I guess everyone is leased or have all the info they need☹️

I think the site is quieter because the site went through a lot of changes in the past 1-2 years.  The format changed and a lot of people didn't like the new format, I think some of those people left and haven't come back, even though the site is now back to the old format.  It is a bummer.

I also think that heavy leasing activity draws more visitors to the site.  Leasing is not nearly as crazy as it was 2010-2013ish.

Also, 2014-2017 were pretty bad years for oil and gas.  I think some of the people who were very excited 2010-2013 lost that excitement.  I know I kind of did.  Royalty payments that we would have received 2010-2013 are basically now cut in half, or worse.

I agree with both your assessments. The site became impossible, for me anyway, to be searched for relevant information. I applaud Keith Mauck for having the foresight to see it wasn't working, and the courage to return to the old format.

I stayed away until the old format returned...now I find it very useful again, albeit with many fewer participants. Hopefully the masses will return.

The leasing and E&P activity has certainly been curtailed with the NG and Oil price crashes. Let's face it...there is no need to lease and produce if there is no profit to be made. IMHO, I think things are beginning to turn, with improved formation research and greatly improved drilling and completion techniques, the activity will return, although at a less frenzied pace.

Be patient, do your research, and continue to follow this site. There is A LOT of NG and Oil here, and they are going to develop it....the pads are larger, with more wells and longer laterals, and the takeaway capacity from our area is increasing almost daily with new pipelines coming on line. It doesn't happen quickly anymore, and the remaining producers are cautious and truly focused on the 'sweet spots', but oil and gas are not going away....regardless of the wishes of the alternative energy crowd. That technology is many years away from  becoming a major source of power.....if ever!

I had a lot of trouble posting on the other site. Then when this one came back it kept messing my password up. Hopefully it's fixed.

We are right in the middle of all the activities in Millwood twp. Some day the traffic is so bad!!!!!! Eclipse is still working on the outlaw pad, I feel bad for the Nelson's, since its basically in their front yard. Does anyone know if West Penn energy bought out eclipses gathering station? It has west penn signs on it now. 


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