Wondering if much drilling activity is taking place in Springhill Township area. Spouse and I have some rights, starting to get people that want to buy/lease. Went to an Attorney here in Montana and advised not sell/lease  yet. Lots of  drilling activity in Eastern Mt also.

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I leased to CHK over 2 years ago. Our well just went into production in Sept. 2013. Its in Springhill Township PA.  I personally would never sell my lease. There are a lot of conversations on here pros and cons to selling your mineral rights. Just take some time and read discussions in main all discussions sites.

Thanks Donna, my wife's family is from there and her Grandmother's maiden name is Sellers. She says she has some cousins there. We're origionally from Michigan.

Small world...I will keep you posted if I hear anything more about activity's going on in Greene County on here.

Thank you, think we may make a trip back to Michigan this year, we will probably plan on visiting her Grandmothers home area. 


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