I have excerpted pdf files from the original Range 10/30/13 presentation using the "print to PDF" selection under the Print command and "printing" the individual pages.

I have included the three zones - Marcellus, Utica, and Upper Devonian (Burkett) and a map of Butler County.

I thought that this would be of interest to the Butler County participants here.

If you want to have all of the files open at the same time, right click the pdf files and save them all together.  Then, open them all from that location.

I attached two images so that you can see where I'm going.  Use the jpg files for higher resolution.


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"Featured Discussion" status - what's that mean?  LOL!


It means Keith Mauck loves this thread! :)
Great simplification of math conversion skills Phil!
You are Da Man!

Over in the Butler Co. thread we already knew what Phil is !!!   LOL

Thanks everybody

It must be the cute dog picture!! LOL!



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