This is for Center Township Butler County PA. Looking for any information  or tips on a r.o.w. being proposed from somewhere by Oneida (dam area?) through to Renick pad and/ or a compressor site being constructed by Byers road. Stonehenge is asking for a multi-line pipeline r.o.w. on my property which is located off route 308 along Mack Road. Anyone else been contacted? Anyone know the route being planned? Thanks in advance, Bob A..

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As far as signing a ROW, search this website for advice on Do's, Dont's, and everything you need to consider in the ROW Contract.

Thanks Ron H., I'm really looking for info on this specific pipeline route and use.

Center township website shows an EM and Rex proposed pipeline.

Thanks Bruce B.


A little off topic, just wandering how you made out trying to sell some of your mineral rights? Looking back, you might have timed it about right doing it last summer, prices have really died since then. Thanks, LewPa

Hi LewPa, Sold only gas and oil rights for 6,500/acre on my one parcel. It appears I was lucky with the timing.

Although not in your area, I was approached for an identical request from SW a year ago in Tioga Co, Liberty Township.

I sought advice of an attorney. The impression I got was that pipe line companies are taking advantage of this downturn in the business to buy up cheap ROW's. Often, they get ROW's for pennies to the dollar and sell them for massive markups and flowage fees. Numbers such as $12-$17 dollars per foot are thrown out there. When companies collect favorable ROW's, they sell them for massive profits.

The advice I was given was to hold out for when transmission companies are serious and ready to deal. ROW's are forever and pipelines running through your property are not something that adds value to your acreage. You should be extremely well compensated.

As for what they should pay, the remuneration for ROW's is all over the map. I've heard horrible offers in the $12-$17 range when the same companies are paying $50-$120 in another part of the state. Don't forget the addendums.

Good council is the best investment you will make on an ROW.

I was just checking the deeds listing for my property, when I saw something about a Stonehenge gathering agreement. I've never been approached about a row. Am I supposed to be?


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