Dimock, PA landowners are asking for your help.

We have been waiting for 4 years for the PA Dept. of Environmental Protection to complete their study of the Dimock water issues. 740 residents and their families are being unjustly held back from exercising their gas lease rights because of the 9-square mile drilling ban. Most of us live nowhere near Carter Road and we believe most of us don't even share the same water acquifer. Cabot Oil & Gas cannot drill on our properties, however, the DEP allows them to drill everywhere else in the state of Pennsylvania - even across the street from the imaginery 9-square mile line.

Yes, the drilling ban is still in effect in Dimock. The DEP refuses to communicate with the landowners involved. They are, in effect, ignoring us. We've gotten little support from our representatives or the press - and no answers at all from the DEP. We ask each and every one of you, no matter where you live, to sign our free online petition asking the PA DEP to "STOP THE DIMOCK DRILLING BAN". Just think - your land could be included in an arbitrary drilling ban at any time.

Please sign our petition at:  www.dimockproud.com and ask your relatives and friends to take a moment to do the same. Our voices cannot and will not be heard unless we have a large number of signatures. Please help us to regain our land rights.

Thank you for your support in our fight for justice.

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