How are the surging natural gas prices affecting drilling this year, and what about going into 2022?  Are the gas companies taking advantage of these higher prices?  What`s next?

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Nancy , this issue too is well past my 'pay grade ' ... NY once told me that the 'current' landowner is responsible for cleanup if the old operator cannot be found or went under  .... But as we have discussed before , what if the rights have been separated ? Whois responsible then ???  Good discussion guys and ladies ,, I as a Energy Investor try and learn something each and every day .... 

I don't know any more than you do about that. I am now curious! about the missing operator etc situation.

My experience here in PA and with Diversified Energy, they are very concerned about monitoring for methane gas leaks, and quickly respond to any evidence of a leak in their gathering pipelines or around their wells. 

Diversified recently mentioned that Biden Bill passage as a source of Fed Money for well reclamation


Good that there will be federal money to help with well reclamation. I know WV doesn't have nearly enough money to deal with all the old wells.

Diversified has purchased several small gas well plugging companies to add to their company service capability.   The coal industry left behind a terrible legacy of scarred land and it has taken the PA taxpayers responsible to repair it.  I think the gas industry has done a pretty good job to avoid the same problems.  

there is collage age kids sneaking around with methane testers checking the plumbing around wells for leaks. I would tell them there trespassing.

 paleface 21 hours ago wrote 

t"here is collage age kids sneaking around with methane testers checking the plumbing around wells for leaks.". The Energy sector is under ever increasing attack ... .......As I drive by and in and around NYC , I often wonder how windmills will power all those electric cars and high rise buildings ... The wind currently blowing on Long Island is at ZERO .... and temps will be kissing 90 degrees 

It depends on location and operator, but maybe single digit to triple digit mcf. Some produce oil that gets hauled and sold periodically, again from single digits usually to double digits. All in Ritchie Co WV.

How is CNX Gas looking these days on Wall Street?   Any news about them?

CNX should be a takeover candidate ,, those hedges are a negative ... CNX will have to make a move sooner or later . Haynesville is all the current rage as its closer to the LNG plants 

Gas production hitting all time highs ,, prices crashing .. The Cycle continues 


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