How are the surging natural gas prices affecting drilling this year, and what about going into 2022?  Are the gas companies taking advantage of these higher prices?  What`s next?

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the decline curve of the well is steep.  Production drops by half after a quarter of production 

The drilling and fracturing technology keeps improving, longer laterals, old wells had as little as 4-5 frac stations new wells 50 plus there using a lot of compressor station's now the future looks bright hopefully they will learn to read fault lines better. 

You are correct Paleface ... EOG recent development in OHIO is a prime example of ever changing drilling methods ... 

You make several encouraging comments, Paleface.  How will these improvements impact the future though?

Will the fracking & compressor improvements lead to more gas removed from a well?  What is it about fault lines that cause problems?  I thought seismic testing would identify the lines?  How big of a risk are these fault lines?

If you're in a drilling unit and your production is good your well could drop off quickly by communicating with a new drilled well through the fault lines, I heard the new leases have addendum for that situation. 

Production continues near all time highs ... $2.90 gas heading into DEC is not good for producers or shareholders ... Where is the bottom ? Below $2 this spring ? Its all about the temps for the next few months .... 

Seneca paid $2.00 for September its usually around a dollar lower than NYMEX.

Ouch .. gas down 5% in the 2.70 range .... Own very little and have no plans as of now to own more 

AR has new presentations out , very bullish view 

Is there anyway to block communication from a well into fault lines?  Is a fault line(s) just a cavity or a series of splits? 

N Gas down 25% this month 

Is production still high?  Are Appalachian producers producing at higher rates or is it just happening in Texas with the cheap associated gas?


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