How are the surging natural gas prices affecting drilling this year, and what about going into 2022?  Are the gas companies taking advantage of these higher prices?  What`s next?

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Apparently valves everywhere have be opened up . Appalachia does not have much spare pipeline capacity , Haynesville does , so does Permian , not to mention Anadarko ..... Meanwhile Coal producers are enjoying themselves 

Gas at $2.66 today .... In Dec .. Mild winter sees gas below $2 

How is the winter weather forecast for Europe developing?  Is LNG NG primarily from the Texas region as opposed to domestic NG demand coming from the Appalachia region?

Gas is coming from all over , everyone is to 'blame' .. LNG facilities running near full capacity , no near term help from there .... Watching from the sidelines ... Price gets low enough , it might become a buy .... All about N american winter weather ....

March 2024 futures price is now $2.36 

When Trump wins in 2024 he'll have auto makers switch over to Natural Gas.

I think Hydrogen will be the ultimate winner ... There has been a Hydrogen pump at a local gas station now for several years . N Gas may be the most economic fuel to make Hydrogen , we shall see.. One thing I do know is this push to E cars and batteries is a waste , and will NOT 'save the planet " .... 

What is the story about hydrogen?  Why is it so attractive?  Does it produce less emissions then oil or natural gas?  Will wider use of hydrogen cause a boom for natural gas drilling?  What other ingredients are needed to produce hydrogen?  There are indications that Northern West Virginia, Eastern Ohio & western PA may be sites for hydrogen production.  If this takes place then the need for pipelines away from Appalachia might not be so important.  Just trying to understand how to put this all into perspective.

Hydrogen is produced "brown ' using N gas or 'green' using electric from sources like windmills .. Its harder to ship thru pipes , emmisions are very clean .. The current crop of electric cars is just a bad / stupid idea . Hydrogen has a chance to replace gasoline sometime in the future 

Can hydrogen burn in the same boilers, furnaces, etc as natural gas?  Can it be liquefied as natural gas is and shipped to Europe?  Is it more expensive per Mcf then natural gas?  Just trying to understand ...

23 full time enrgy investor here , learning the ins and outs of Hydro myself ... Its more expensive , harder to transport , can be switched from gas boilers with modifications and $$$ . But it can be made 'green ' and politics today like 'green ' 

I`m not an investor but a landowner who wants gas royalties whether for pure natural gas or natural gas ( I guess the same) to feed hydrogen production.  If green hydrogen needs electricity to produce I`m thinking mini electricity plants powered by natural gas might be the ticket.  Still sounds like a need for more natural gas production.  Is this an example of markets changing which might have a positive impact on the natural gas industry?  I have heard of Ammonia plants being built needing natural gas as a feed stock, too. 


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