How are the surging natural gas prices affecting drilling this year, and what about going into 2022?  Are the gas companies taking advantage of these higher prices?  What`s next?

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Too much production ... Still sitting watching 

How will investors/shareholders view a gas company who shows a cut back in production?  Should investors be advocating this cut back?  Consumers of gas are probably thrilled over the supply glut. 

I think the economy Is in limbo now waiting for the presidential election results. Regardless who wins we could have an even larger glut of gas Trump wins everybody starts drilling Biden wins gas is what we have now and worse. 

Nobody is making money at $1.60 gas .... As I have mentioned before ,, the Old Farmer will prevail ,,,... The question is when ? 

I`m reading that the gas industry is considering cutting back on production.  Will it actually happen and have an impact on pricing for natural gas?  If gas for heating won`t increase the price maybe air conditioning for hot weather might. 

Cut backs could occur , a hot summer could help .... I might miss the boat , but still not buying  here .... 

Is playing the state lottery a better choice now?

Chessie to drop production 28% and Za zam , N gas prices blast off 

Give that man a Cigar.

How is the news about production cuts affecting prices going forward?

The good news is that Chessie is cutting , the bad news is that others are holding flat , especially the Permian Drillers .... N gas once again is slowly but steadily dropping once again .... Seems to be a lot of gas in Europe and Japan as well .... 

The cruttenden 846 wells in middlebury tioga county drilled in 2021 - 30 hu,31 hu,32 hu 33 hu 34hu 39 hu are producing over 15 million a day over two years now hats off to seneca. Utica wells.


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