How are the surging natural gas prices affecting drilling this year, and what about going into 2022?  Are the gas companies taking advantage of these higher prices?  What`s next?

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What impact does LNG demand have on storage inventories?  Is there a sufficient supply of natural gas for LNG without using storage fields? 

Seems like the more LNG shipped the higher production grows ,wiping away any benefit from LNG ... 

 EQT will reduce production substantially it was announced today ... Nobody makes money with gas south of $2 ... Most need 2.50 or better .......

Aren`t most hedges above $2.50?  I`ve read that prices are rising now because of EQT.

Some outfits [ cnx] are almost fully hedged , others have zero hedges [ ar] ... Banks often require hedges when they lend money 

Then shouldn`t gas companies like CNX be somewhat unaffected by the current market downturn?  What is an acceptable % of a gas companies production to be hedged?  I think Diversified Energy has hedged funding too. 

Highly leveraged outfits are more hedged as Banks require it as a form of collateral... Balance Sheets are often overlooked and are important when making investments ... After taking a deeper look at DEC Balance Sheet recently , I will continue to watch from the sidelines ...CNX is basically range bound due to its hedges , while it whittles away at its limited future drilling sites .. CNX will eventually merge or be taken over ... Mergers lately have offered very little in the way of premiums ...  

Are gas companies (Seneca) bound by hedges to pay royalties based upon the hedged prices……

Ralph what do you think about EQT 'S debt equity?

Paleface , without doing a deep look ... EQT Balance sheet looks fine ... Less than 50% debt to Assets ... No 'Goodwill " posted on the 10K .. OWNERS EQUITY slipped a bit even though the $$ numbers are higher , the share count also increased ... Hard to build Equity when gas is at $2 ... 

Natural gas seems to be creeping higher.  Whats in store for the market now?

Painter well pad in Westfield Tioga has 8 well approved drilling permits.

Thanks Paleface 


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