How are the surging natural gas prices affecting drilling this year, and what about going into 2022?  Are the gas companies taking advantage of these higher prices?  What`s next?

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I have not looked at CNX Utica in a long time .. Marcellus seems to be more economic . I expect more Utica activity after Tier 1 Marcellus is used up . 

I expect CNX to merge / sell out within the next year , much like COG did . 

CNX just floated Notes with a interest rate over 7% ... Unimpressive 

Gas still imploding , mostly on the sidelines till this economic storm subsides . Remembering the Oil mans prayer .. 'Lord give me one more geyser, and I promise not to piss it away this time . "  

With Nordstream pipeline being blown up , NRT is a stock worth looking at .. Best of luck 

Will NG reach $10 or more this winter?

Farmgas , give me your Winter Weather Forecast and I'll give you my prediction . An extreme cold winter will drive prices up . Gas production continues near record highs . PS , NRT up 8% yesterday . 

Cold with lots of snow :)

DOW is very volatile , a wounded DOW will hurt Oil/ Gas Investments ... This Full Time Energy Investor , is 60% Cash / short term interest bearing instruments . Housing about to make very bad headlines , time to be very cautious. .   

Back in before and during OPEC announcement .. Huge Inventory draw this week as well . OIL is trending higher , gas lower ... Gas Producers shooting themsleves in the foot again 

Which gas companies in PA & WVA are growing & which ones are not?.  There seems to be a slowdown of information about their activity and future plans lately.  

I am siting on the sidelines for the gassers . National Inventories are growing quickly . AR , EQT , RRC , CNX are all quality outfits , but its impossible to fight the downward trend while these producers continue to increase production .  AR and its propane advantage has gone away as well .. Propane levels are now near normal ... Euro gas is highly investable , NRT is worth a looksie .


PS . Did anyone secure good hedges when gas was kissing $9  ? . We shall find out within a few weeks . 

What will the 3rd quarter reports tell us about gas companies later this month?  Who is leading the pack and who is struggling?

Was higher hedges the name of the game?


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