How are the surging natural gas prices affecting drilling this year, and what about going into 2022?  Are the gas companies taking advantage of these higher prices?  What`s next?

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EOG is currently developing a big new field in OH .. So it will produce associated gas , it will be interesting to watch how the gas will be sold 

Does this gas have the same btu value as does Marcellus & Utica gas?  There should be close proximity to pipelines in Ohio. 

BTU value depends on well location ... Don't know what pipeline availabilty is in that region ... EOG is smart ,, they likely have a viable plan 

In Northwestern PA is the home of the oil industry started in the 1800`s.  These are conventional type wells although I`m not certain how deep they are drilled.  Do these wells produce associated gas too?  If so, are they having an impact on local gas prices?  Could this gas impact prices in Central PA?  Does Seneca Resources have oil wells near the Allegheny National Forest or near it?

1st quarter reports are being announced.  How do they look?  Any notable positive or negative signs from gas companies working in Pennsylvania?  Natural gas pricing continues to drive operations for the near future.  Will 2025 be the breakout year for higher prices and more development?

I for one remain cautious .. EQT is witholding 1 bcf /d ... As soon as prices rise they and others will reopen the valves .... 

 Don't like the Stock Market overall right now .... Empty Office Buildings , 7.% mortgage rates , high inflation , is not giving me that 'warm fuzzy feeling ' ... 

 Breaking news . Biden just tightened Coal Power plant rules , headlines say many will need to be closed .... Good for gas ? Probably . Bad for consumers ? probably ... Gov will now force more unreliable wind power upon us ... 

Seneca Resources (National Fuel Gas) does not own any conventional wells anymore. The were sold to Diversified

CHK. is trying to make a new 52 week high.

You are right Paleface , AR has done good as well ... AR had $11 million free cash flow ... "That don't impress me much " 

How much value do investors place on "free cash flow" promoted by gas companies?  Does it impact how shareholders receive dividends?  Does FCF have an impact on a gas companies ability to secure loans?

FCF is important , really important .... Wade thru all the financials and what really  matters is how much money the company made , or its potential in the near future ... Financial reports can be manipulated to paint a rosy picture .... No they don't break the rules , but they can present in such a way that things can be hidden ...  

Balance Sheets , also can be painted rosy .. But if you spend the time , it does reflect the health of the outfit ... A company with mucho 'goodwill' is a red flag ... Companies with a high payout diviidend  ratio and increasing debt is also a red flag .... 


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