Anyone in Butler county having problems with SWEPI not working with XTO on land lease swap deals?

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When did you sign your lease? I am 2 years into a five year lease w SWEPI. As far as I am concerned, they are not holding me hostage at all.... They paid me my bonus money for a 5 year option to drill my property. Why would they pay the money for the bonus just to throw it away "to get at the landowners and hold them hostage"???

Maybe XTO doesn't want to pay the amount that SWEPI wants to get (maybe the bonus money plus a little profit???). Maybe XTO is the problem.

Granted, rumors have been flying that SWEPI might not be going to drill in Butler County, but I'm sure they are going to recoup their investment in bonus money paid, one way or another

I am signed the same as you.I have spoken to both sides. XTO wants to puchase my leases now from SWEPI. XTO is telling me that SWEPI told them they our going through a re-organization and SWEPI can not doing anything until this is taken care of, this make take months, that was about  2 months ago. I called SWEPI last week and they said they still could not tell me anything, it is confidential and still up in the air about the re-organization. XTO is drilling next to my property in the next week and still want my property, but SWEPI is the hold up XTO stated they want to work out a deal but SWEPI is not working with them.


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