Does anyone know the going rate for a temporary water line easement across landowners property?

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I got about 5 dollars per foot.  2000 per booster pump.  But make sure whatever you get per foot is considered per line. I lost out because it said line or lines on the contract so they put in a 2nd line for free.    


We were approached several months ago about this and the offer was $3 a foot and no mention of booster pumps. We have not signed anything, but after reading this I am assuming that is a raw deal?  What county are you in and what is the name of the company you dealt with?

The company is Top Notch Land Service , but they are working for Eclipse.  My experience with Eclipse has been great in every way , it's just some of the contractors that come in , they are some dandies for sure   I'm in Guernsey County

I got $4 a ft. They drilled under the road to cross, left the pipe and landscaped it well.It's for my well pad so I would have agreed to anything! It was gone by hay time.

Thanks everyone for info. I am settling for $5 a ft. for 1 year. They offered $4 for 5yrs and I told them no. I also made sure to have all the safe guards put in for damage of my property.


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