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Although it was a bit biased against the industry I must admit that I did chuckle.

trouble with it is liberals think this malarkey is true.

I think you're right, Gary!   I chuckled along w/Mark and hopefully many others did true.  Noted the actors were "breaking up" @ the end.

Wish the readers could see yesterday's NATION NEWS article ... a White House release. It's even funnier!  QUOTE: "signaling to other countries that the U.S. is serious about tackling global warming".  How you ask?  For one, in JUNE the Agriculture Dept., the Energy Dept., and the EPA will release a "biogas roadmap" to speed-up the use of methane digesters --- machines designed to reduce methane emissions from cattle (both ends I assume).  The goal: cut cattle greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020.  What or whom will be tackled next by this ploy?

This is one of 4 ideas released by the White House on Friday, MAR. 28th. as reported in the New York Times.

Hmm.  Funny or sad?

What is true? That they made fun of everyone involved?  Pizza is good?  You should try laughing and/or chuckling sometime.  It can be healthy  and is a step toward curing hate mongoring.

Yes, me too - especially when he stuffed that pizza in the guy's mouth.    

That was the funniest part. Did you see his eyes. Classic!

I found it sad, pathetic, and frustrating.  See, I know several liberals that never watch any news.  College educated, successful people. But they watch The Daily Show, the Colbert Report, and David Letterman. So this is what they get instead of news.

The Left is terrible at debating facts but very good at ridicule.....and sadly, ridicule is way more effective.

No matter what Exxon does, no matter of they spend millions researching what happened at that well, if they spend tens of millions retrofitting other wells to prevent accidents, no matter how much additional training the give employees and subcontractors, the pizza giveaway will the symbol that identifies the accident from now on until the end of history.

Its a sad commentary that people have no understanding of the major issues facing this country.  Andthe country will continue to decline until  that changes.


It was another cheap shot from the no talent Lib Tard writers on the Jon Stewart show,if he did pro fracturing comedy he would be canceled. 

And I thought he was doing comedy, did you or I miss the point?

Tom; you missed the point.  Read Saul Alinski. He emphasized ridicule as it is impossible to counter. The Left has embraced that strategy which is why all the comedians, comedy shows, and most entertainment shows are Leftists.

You don't find it strange how all these shows are very far left?


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