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tom, read grants post below.   then you'll know what we are up against.


 I think you meant Chevron vs Exxon. However, your comments apply regardless. Oil, gas, NGL's and their downstream derivatives (propylene and ethylene) are all dangerous, combustible commodities. To the list of problems cited, I'd add the Natrium fractionator explosion, various train derailments and recent explosions at various Lousiiana petrochemical facilities.

  IMHO, as the midstream processing plants ratchet up production in the Utica/Marcellus, we wil become particularly vulnerable to these kinds of incidents due to new and inexperienced operators.

 I hope I'm proven wrong.



Although they did not state ALL the facts, everything in the "report" was a fact. The only difference between a leftist report from the Daily Show and a rightist report from Fox News is the Daily Show has better writers. Both are comical to watch. Check out the Florida everglades pizza no 9




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