The ESTABLISHMENT'S war againt America's middle class

Donald Trump is standing tall fighting against all that is evil in America today, republican, democrat and media alike. Evil is defined as those working to destroy America's middles class thru lies & deception. See, this election is about America versus imperial Washington DC. From this election forward, our enemies have identified themselves as the supporters of institutional corruption that rewards special interests and donors, and Hillary Clinton is the face of this corruption. All of America's middle class needs to be fully aware that everyone supporting Hillary and the imperial Washington DC ESTABLISHMENT is working to destroy those of us in the middle class by opening up prisons of violent felons, open borders puts everyone not having a security detail at risk, trade that allows special interests to arbitrage both labor and regulations, and regulations that protect the special interests that have paid to play. Trump's new American order puts American interests first, and the middle class at the head of the table...

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However, I must add that I can make no further sense of the rhetoric exchange of this campaign for the election of a POTUS

The News Media doesn't want to know the truth about domestic oil & gas stealing from US Citizens while no one acts.

When you read this truth in the News, you'll know the News is unbiased on this topic. The other topics you'll have to research for the truth yourself.

Don't agree.

Don't think the media has an unbiased perspective on anything myself.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, that IS America. Just remember, the sun always rises in the east, whether or not one believes it...

Thank goodness for you Ron, the world is so ignorant and we should bow to your wisdom, insight and ability to enlighten we benighted ones. 

I never knew how uninformed and uneducated I was, until you became the beacon of erudition.


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