The Shocking Truth about Ohio Shale Development Outsiders Don’t Want You to Know

"Recently, The Athens News featured articles in their “Reader’s Forum” that, yet again, veer from the truth and mislead readers on the facts of oil and gas development.  What we see (time and time again) is anecdotal ”evidence” offered up as fact to fit an ill-informed, fact-less narrative from those opposed to the development of fossil fuels. Unfortunately, the small group of people instilling fear in Ohio’s families aren’t only spreading misconceptions about the processes and practices involved in oil and natural gas development, but they are also misleading the public on how increased regulation and technology is allowing us to safely, effectively produced our energy resources and, in turn, revitalize Ohio’s economy and create new jobs in our state.

While the year is not yet complete, any casual observer would likely indicate that 2012 was a good year for Ohio.  While other states have been worn down by continued partisan gridlock and vitriolic debate, the Buckeye State has been able to rise above the fray and focus on solutions, rather than rhetoric.  Nowhere is this more evident than the ongoing discussion on the development of the Utica Shale.

While elsewhere development has been met with controversy, that’s not the case here in Ohio.

That likely has something to do with the fact that over 137 Utica Shale wells have been drilled in the Buckeye State without a single environmental incident, and without a single violation cited by regulatory officials. At the same time, that development has helped the state progress from 48th in the nation in terms of job creation to 4th in just one year.

For that reason our political leaders across the spectrum from John Kasich (R) to Sherrod Brown (D) have all touted the benefits responsible Utica Shale development is providing to the Buckeye State.

It’s easy to see why that’s the case. Communities here in eastern Ohio are now facing a future filled with potential and promise.  A few examples come to mind.  Tops among them Carroll County.  Oil and natural gas development has helped the County halve its unemployment rate over the past two years.  In 2010, the small county of just over 28,000 people had a 16% unemployment rate.  Now, just two years later, the County has a 7% unemployment rate—well below both the Ohio and national average. Carroll County is not alone. Muskingum County’s unemployment rate has dropped by 3.4% and Jefferson County has seen 11 new companies relocate within its borders."


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Your headline reads like its right out of National Inquirer. Inflammatory rhetoric designed to ignite both extremes.We're all in this together. Let's meet in the middle.

i do believe that the middle has been reached,hence no enviro accidents for the left to use. but maybe you mean the middle will be reached when the landowners hand over 50%.

and here i thought the jobs were created by the auto bailout.    just kidding.

Anne: Excellent factual post. Encouraging news especially  if Federal EPA does not get into the game with a lot of well-meaning but ill-conceived regulations. I admit that I am  scared to death. A federal moratorium on fracking until "further studies can be done" would just be a disaster. Governor Coumo of NY would welcome this because it would take a lot of heat off of him. Pretty scary!

I really don't think that it's all about the environment but rather the thought 

that people who own land can get a big pay day is just killing them and they are

jealous and cant stand it .

Look at  the class of them - the nay sayer's . They profit off of others loses or


They really suck .

I am totally for our environment PERIOD .

When I see them cruising in there big fat vehicles pointing there finger at

everyone else this should tell the story .

I really love the ones that  profit from the BS they hate  but us the products that they claim to are so bad .SAME ON YOU !!!

We need to energy independent rather than pay our enemies to build there armed forces.

Yea I have , funny thing is some of them have leased out here land and now it not ok for us to .This is a fact .

Great FACTUAL article. I live in Carroll County. We have had 4 producing wells on our farm for over 40 years and have NEVER had one problem that was not addressed immediately and environmentally correctly. Enviro NUTS, Left Wing Crazies, and Green Environmentalist have got to HATE the facts.


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