It's been almost a year since I asked what was going on with my fellow GMS members....been very interesting reading :)...thanks to all of you who have contributed any info or opinions ...just thought you all might like to know I got a phone call today asking if I was leased... I said I was ( but haven't heard anything since I signed in '06 )... the gentleman who called said they would probably purchase my lease from the gas co. who holds it as there will be a drilling unit near me...he wasn't sure when that would happen tho...anyone else hear of any drilling? 

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where in Tioga County R U and what township............I know there is activity in Clymer Twp. in process of hooking of Sharrett Well to a gathering line and bringing site online

I am in Liberty township, about 2-3 miles from Liberty, going towards Morris on 414...I haven't seen any activity here yet, sounds like they r tryin to make sure they have all the leases in place before they move...don't expect it will b happening til later in the year or next year.. 

I live in NJ but work in the pipeline world. there should be pipeline work starting around Middlebury Twp. in the next week or so. I also am a landowner in Farmington Twp. My lease has expired about a year ago and haven't heard anything from SWEPI. which doesn't surprise me.

I was contacted by swepi 6 months prior to lease expiration            :)

 John the pipeline work your talking about is that the two 20in and two10in and the eight inch.

John, could you please tell me where the pipelines are going to be constructed ? Also do you know what major line they are going to be tied into? 

Jack,I don't know the location of the gathering lines but they will probably run out of the compressor station that was built a few years back. that ties into the Dominion line.

Thank you...

Yes that's the gathering lines. Michels is the contractor.

 John I would think Farmington is a good TBR/Utica area,Shell is drilling all over the existing pads in northern/north central Tioga.They probably haven't made to your area yet hang in there its a good area. 

I have 120 acres in Sullivan Twp and have not had any contact with any drilling or pipe line company.  Is there any activity in this area? Cesare 

 Cesare,I would start with talking to your neighbor's.Ask who there leased with and ask for contact info for the gas company.


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